{iceland} ring road day 8

February 27, 2017

Our eighth day in Iceland was spent doing some of the more touristy Icelandic things that people do if they only have time in fly into Reykjavík and see a few surrounding attractions. These attractions are together called the Golden Circle so we spent the day driving and enjoying the Golden Circle. This included Thingvellir National Park Mid-Atlantic rift valley, Gullfoss waterfall and the Strokkur and Geysir Hot Spring Area. And while not officially on the list, we ended with the Kerid Crater in Selfoss, a volcanic crater lake. What a great way to end the nature-only portion of our trip and reintegrate ourselves into civilization! It was almost strange to see so many people at all these attractions, including high school students taking senior photos since we hadn’t been near this many people at the same time for an entire week!

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The eighth Icelandic photo adventure:









2 Responses to “{iceland} ring road day 8”

  1. annalice said

    every picture in iceland is just majestic!

  2. It’s amazing how different Iceland looks when everything is so green! Wish I’d known about the crater before I visited Iceland, I went through Selfoss a few times and could have visited. Guess I’ll have to save it for my ring road trip 🙂

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