{paris} french voyage day 2

March 6, 2017

My second day in Paris was actually not spent in Paris at all! In fact, I went on a day trip that the vast majority of people do when they visit France – the Palace of Versailles. I love the metro system in Paris and how accessible it makes everything. It’s amazing that you can literally ride the same train all the way from the center of Paris to Versailles.

Upon arrival, I was a bit intimidated with the entrance line, but found in the end that it wasn’t too horrible. Once inside, I loved seeing all the beautiful past of France come to life where the royal family used to live. I pretended like I used to live back then and was wandering around the palace … too bad there were so many people everywhere though! Equally as impressive as the Palace itself were the gardens, fountains, and water shows, as well as some of the smaller buildings like the stables, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, and the Petit Trianon (a smaller château on the other side of the gardens). Of course, I couldn’t leave Versailles before wandering around this city for a little while and getting a chance to see some of the beautiful churches in this city as well.

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A French Parisian voyage photo adventure:













4 Responses to “{paris} french voyage day 2”

  1. Staci said

    Versailles is so beautiful. It looks like you picked a gorgeous day to visit too!

  2. Oh wow that looks spectacular

  3. annalice said

    looks beautiful! great pictures

  4. o my so beautiful!!!

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