[room 209m] week twenty nine mr. dorros

March 9, 2017


When my school was celebrating Latino Heritage Month, my class happened to read a bunch of books by the author Arthur Dorros. We read Abuelo, Mamá and Me, and Papá and Me. We would have read Abuela (his most famous book) but I couldn’t get my hands on a copy for some reason. I was looking around Mr. Dorros’ website one evening and there was a contact the author button. I decided to contact him just knowing that nothing would come of it because how often do authors actually contact you back? Well, it turns out that this guy is amazing and did contact me! Not only did we then set up a Skype conference call between my class and him, we ended up figuring out a way for him to visit our school! Mr. Dorros is so amazing because in the end, we barely ended up paying him anything and he essentially donated tons of time and money to our school, which we so appreciate! We had assemblies for the entire school and then writing workshops, too. I was so stressed out planning this entire thing, but so glad things generally went smoothly. Thanks you Mr. Author Dorros for visiting my school and my class in particular!!!

Kindergarten through third grade assembly

More from the assembly

Arthur Dorros in my classroom!

Writing workshop with the students

Signed books, poster, and card! I’m so lucky!

One Response to “[room 209m] week twenty nine mr. dorros”

  1. annalice said

    wow thats awesome that you were able to arrange this!

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