{reims} french voyage day 5

March 13, 2017

Notre-Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Reims) may not be Notre-Dame de Paris, but it’s still a major tourist attraction and just as magnificent. I was slightly disappointed that I happened to be in Reims while this catherdral was under a bit of renovation, but the general idea was there.

Reims is often touted as a day trip or overnight trip from Paris because the fast trains cover the distance in almost no time at all. Since reading The Pillars of the Earth in high school, I’ve always had such a fascination with churches and how they are built. I imagine myself to be Jack (one of the characters and an architect, essentially) who visits France and reazlied that there are beautiful ways to build churches that make them look so light and tall. I imagine Notre-Dame de Reims could be one that he saw and marveled at the magnificent details and stained glass!

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A French Reims voyage photo adventure:

2 Responses to “{reims} french voyage day 5”

  1. annalice said

    hmm interesting. i never read that book!

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