{luberon} french voyage day 11

March 25, 2017

Even though I just fell in love with Nice, the Luberon area of France was amazing and met every one of my high expectations for finding fields and fields of lavender. I was at first a bit disappointed to find out that my trip was slightly on the latter end of the lavender season and that perhaps many of the fields would already be gone, but there were still plenty left! I’ve always imagined seeing these fields, smelling them from afar, and running through them and I actually got to do all these things!

The Sénanque Abbey is a Cistercian abbey near the village of Gordes boasts (perhaps) the world’s most picturesque image of lavender fields. It offered the most postcard worthy image of lavender ever as well as every lavender product you could ever imagine. The monks here tend to the lavender fields and take care of honey bees, too.

Gordes itself is a fairly small town that’s definitely the stopping place if you are planning to stay the night in the area. I love how all the mountains and hills in the area provide a beautiful view of the community from afar. It’s like this whole Luberon area is just one giant postcard!

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A French Luberon voyage photo adventure:


2 Responses to “{luberon} french voyage day 11”

  1. annalice said

    i want to see the lavender fields so badly!

  2. one giant postcard ! wow!!!!!🙂

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