{orange} french voyage day 13

March 28, 2017

About 20 kilometers north of Avignon is Orange, France. Orange is under the watchful eye of history buffs and tourists visiting France because it has some amazing ruins. There are individuals who specifically visit France to see all the Roman ruins and Orange is on their ruins circuit because it’s home to the massive Théâtre antique d’Orange. This Roman theatre is one of the best preserved Roman teatres in the entire former Roman empire. While I was there, there was a fair amount of reconstruction going on because they actually do use this theatre still for festivals; and both preservation and general wear and tear are real issues on ancient stones.

Walking in, I was able to buy a ticket to see both this theater and some of the Roman ruins in Nîmes where I was headed next. The individual headphones audio tour guide allowed me to learn all about the theater, every section of it, and understand that in fact the theatre wasn’t always just used for live shows. There were times when there were active marketplaces inside the theatre and it was essentially a squatting grown for the poorest citizens of the empire. What a rich history this area has; and I didn’t even think about the fact that the Roman empire came this far west!

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A French Orange voyage photo adventure:

2 Responses to “{orange} french voyage day 13”

  1. annalice said

    interesting that a theater could be used for a marketplace

  2. wow!blessed you are !🙂

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