{seattle} snoqualmie falls

March 29, 2017

Over Winter break, I decided to take a quick trip to Seattle to visit my friend who goes to school there. I had never really explored Seattle before and wasn’t sure whether or not I would like it. She brought me to many of the tourist destinations like the Public Market and the Seattle Troll, but my favorite part of the trip was when she drove us 30 minutes outside Seattle to Snoqualmie, Washington.

We visited Snoqualmie Falls which included a short hike through an incredibly green experience. The two places that I live between, San Diego and New York City, don’t offer much nature, so I loved being surrounded by so much greenery.

The trees were covered by this incredible moss that I was completely mesmerized by. It looked so, so cool in person. We got down to the falls and I got some pretty nice shots of the water. My friend said that the area is 100% prettier in the Spring and Fall because it doesn’t look as dead, but I happened to think it was wonderful even though it was Winter.

I really enjoyed my trip to Seattle and I’m hoping to return soon!


One Response to “{seattle} snoqualmie falls”

  1. annalice said

    San Diego has plenty of nature silly girl!

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