{nimes} french voyage day 14

April 1, 2017

While I didn’t spend much time in Nimes near the end of my time in France, I definitely wanted to make it there to see the Arena of Nimes especially since I got a special entrance ticket that covered Roman ruins in both Orange and Nimes. The arena was incredibly impressive and there was so much information that the individualized audio tour offered that it was nearly impossible to not spend hours upon hours learning all about Roman history and the gladiators that fought in this arena. It’s strange to think that they fought in the same arena that I explored in person!

Beyond just the arena, Nimes also has a beautiful Maison Carrée Roman temple for visitors to see as well as La Tour Magne, a stone watchtower from the Augustinian era of the Roman Empire. Best of all there was also the Pont du Gard, which was well worth its entrance fee since I got there right before the sun was setting, which means I got to see this amazing aqueduct bridge in perfect light and then lit up in beautiful colors once it was night. Besides, who doesn’t love picnics by the water besides an incredibly famous part of Roman empire history?

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A French Nimes voyage photo adventure:


One Response to “{nimes} french voyage day 14”

  1. annalice said

    the lights at night are so awesome!!

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