{marseille} french voyage day 16

April 3, 2017

I’m so sad writing this entry because it marks the end of my Europe trip! After visiting Poland, Germany, and France, I’m sad to let this trip seep back into my memory, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. I’m glad I got to spend a day in Marseille, too, which turned out to be way too warm, but nice closing city before taking an overnight bus back to Paris and then straight to the airport from the station.

In Marseille, I loved exploring the old port, Notre Dame de Marseille, the Marseille Cathedral, Palais Longchamp (a beautiful garden area), Fort Saint Jean (even though it was closed), and the MUCEM Marseille (which looks like a giant box of concrete lace). And what better way to end a trip to France? I delicious French seafood dinner paired with local wine. Goodbye Europe, until next time!

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A French Marseille voyage photo adventure:


One Response to “{marseille} french voyage day 16”

  1. annalice said

    this really was quite the epic trip! im sooo jealous

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