{sf} dinosaurs eat vietnamese sandwiches

April 8, 2017

Have you ever heard of a hip Vietnamese restaurant named Dinosaurs? Well, it does seem like a random combination until you know that the owner of Dinosaurs decided to name their restaurant Dinosaurs because growing up, they felt like you had to be like a dinosaur (with mouth open so wide) to eat giant Vietnamese sandwiches. Ahh … it all makes sense now; and when you get a glance of Dinosaurs’ giant sandwiches, you’ll see why you really do need a dinosaur–size mouth!

When my sister was in town recently, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Dinosaurs. She had the grilled pork sandwich while I tried the tuna fish one. Both were quite delicious though quite different in flavor. Even though I really don’t like carrots, I felt like their marinated diakon and carrots were not overly carrot-y, which helped the flavor not be too overwhelming for me. Next time, I’ll have to try the spring rolls!


Spicy Tuna sandwich

Grilled Pork sandwich


One Response to “{sf} dinosaurs eat vietnamese sandwiches”

  1. annalice said

    ohhh yes!! these sandwiches were good! a random but good find haha

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