[good reads] galatians for you

April 23, 2017

My church community group recently finished reading Galatians for You by Timothy Keller. While I wouldn’t usually decide to read a commentary book by my lonesome, I do like reading them with a group because I like the extra insight that others bring to the table when we’re reading the same book then discussing it together. This makes me think maybe I would enjoy being in a regular book club, but I digress.

As you can conjecture from the title, Galatians for You goes through the Book of Galatians in the Bible, a letter from the Apostle Paul to the Church is Galatia. It’s interesting because Paul was such an amazing spiritual leader who used many strategies that we still use in modern society when encouraging others, but also offering constructive criticism. For example, when teachers call parents, we always start the conversation with a positive and end with a positive, but sandwich the “concern” in the middle. And guess what … that’s exactly what Paul does in his letter, too! The Church at Galatia has many areas that they are doing well in, but also some areas of great concern and so Paul shares those concerns with them sandwiched with encouragement. What an ancient and modern example of a great leader!


One Response to “[good reads] galatians for you”

  1. attrace said

    ooohh sounds like a good read! maybe i’ll borrow it!

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