{sf} theater or theatre?

May 2, 2017

It’s been a busy month and recently I’ve gotten the chance to visit a number of neat theaters in San Francisco that I’ve never been to before. I’ve always wondered though, why are some places called THEATER while other places are THEATRE? Is there an actual difference and is one more correct than the other? Because with spellcheck, theatre comes up with a red dotted line below it!

San Francisco War Memorial | Herbst Theatre
My church had their Good Friday service at this theatre with all its amazing detail paintings along the wide walls

War Memorial Opera House
My church then had its Eater service next door at the San Francisco Opera House, which I can’t imagine I would have ever had the opportunity to see this view if not for this event.

Curran Theater
Last weekend I saw a super interesting show called The Encounter at the Curran Theater. The show was about an American National Geographic photographer’s encounter with the Mayoruna people of the Amazon River Basin presented as an interactive experience with headphones for each audience member.


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