{puerto rico} vieques beginnings

May 6, 2017

In my mind, going to Puerto Rico is like going to another country, even though it’s technically a part of the United States. Maybe because it’s so far away. Maybe because they speak Spanish there. Doesn’t matter why really. In the end, Puerto Rico is one of those amazing places to visit where you’re definitely in the Caribbean and on an island, but still get all the perks of being in the country you live in: like not having to exchange money, being able to read and communicate, and having cell phone services.

During a recent school break, I got a chance to go to Puerto Rico by myself! I love traveling by myself because I don’t have to worry about anybody else or their agenda. I can sleep in late when I want to and I can wake up early when I want to. This trip to Puerto Rico, I spent the first half on an island off of Puerto Rico called Vieques. Vieques was exceptionally beautiful especially with its street art, random architectural ruins, and sunsets. The most amazing though was getting to see the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay (Mosquito Bay). In real life, no picture truly does the phenomenon justice unless you have an extremely expensive camera and even then, all those photos are enhanced. Ah, but seriously … amazing!

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A Vieques photo adventure:


One Response to “{puerto rico} vieques beginnings”

  1. Lindi Roze said

    I was in Vieques many years ago. One of the things I found fascinating was the horses that walked around the streets and backyards as if they didn’t have a care in the world. No harness or saddles just calmly walking over to the beach or where ever they wanted. It is indeed a beautiful little island. I enjoyed my stay very much.

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