{sf} metro caffe cheesesteaks

May 21, 2017

My sister currently lives in Philadelphia. I never got a chance to visit her there during this past year while she’s been living there, but a couple of years ago when I did visit Philadelphia, I got a chance to eat some delicious cheesesteaks. My other sister also got a chance to eat some cheesesteaks during her trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, too. Little did I know it, there’s a delicious cheesesteak place two blocks away from where I currently live in Lower Haight. Metro Caffe has both burgers and cheesesteaks, including a bunch of different varieties to their cheesesteaks. I tried the Hogie version because it came with mayo, tomato, and lettuce along with the grilled onions and sweet and hot peppers. The fries were average, but the cheesesteak itself was just delicious! Yum!


Proud of SF on the art wall

Hogie Cheesesteak



3 Responses to “{sf} metro caffe cheesesteaks”

  1. amaaazing images!!! totalllly insta worthy!!! shared some tips on writing insta stories up on my blog!!

  2. annalice said

    i love love love cheesesteaks!

  3. attrace said

    looks pretty good! still have a chance to visit for another month+! haha

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