[room 209m] week forty at the beach

May 25, 2017

We went to the beach. I know, you’re thinking, wow this class goes on a lot of field trips. This is true. Most of these, however, are with other classes, which means my class generally goes along with what the general education classes have already planned. This time was different though. My class, we planned our own trip this time. Well, let’s be honest, the only planning I did was deciding was putting in a field trip request form and then deciding that we were going to take the MUNI city bus all the way to the ocean and then getting off there. What we were going to do once we got out there, that was entirely up in the air.

It turned out pretty amazing though. The students loved looking for sand dollars and drawing in the sand. they loved making strange forts and houses with the sticks. And they loved piling the sand into what they called volcanoes. Of course our ghetto school lunch picnic was also the bomb. What a great day!

A beachy photo adventure:


2 Responses to “[room 209m] week forty at the beach”

  1. annalice said

    aww this is so fun!! did everyone get sandy and dirty though?

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