{puerto rico} san juan sightings

May 27, 2017

While in Puerto Rico, I didn’t just visit the tiny island of Vieques. In fact, I spent a few days in the capital city San Juan as well. Unlike Vieques which is seemingly just one giant laid back beach town, San Juan is a bustling city. It’s also a cruise ship port city, which I didn’t know before I showed up here. In fact, for some reason I didn’t realize it was going to be quite so touristy and while some places were quite touristy, others have clearly kept their unique culture in tact. My first couple of hours in San Juan were spent walking around and around seeing just as many iconic San Juan things as I could without having to go to any of the big forts and attractions just yet. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the street art!

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A San Juan photo adventure:


One Response to “{puerto rico} san juan sightings”

  1. Oh look at the graffiti! Looks beautiful and that blue church is so pretty 🙂

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