{puerto rico} san juan san cristobal

May 29, 2017

Fuerte San Cristóbal may be San Juan’s second major fort, but it’s the first one that I visited while on the island. The real perk of visiting these forts in San Juan is that you can get a joint ticket which allows you to visit both Fuerte San Cristóbal and El Morro under one price if you go within 24 hours. You can imagine I took advantage of this opportunity by visiting the first one in the afternoon of one day and the second in the morning of the next day so that I wouldn’t be completely fort-ed out on one day.

Fuerte San Cristóbal is huge and one of the largest military installations built by the Spanish in the Americas. It’s walls, tunnels, bridges, and moats once covered 27 acres and defended Old San Juan from land attacks from the east. San Juan was a very sought-after place of occupation considering its location. I was especially impressed by the incredibly thick fort walls, the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city of San Juan, as well as all the preserved lookouts that you look around.

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A San Juan photo adventure:


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