{puerto rico} san juan bacardi

May 30, 2017

Even though it’s not technically in San Juan, the Bacardí Distillery is still a place that many like to visit during their time in San Juan. This tour used to be completely free and you got two free drinks at the end, which seems a bit extravagent. Of course this recently changed. Now not only do you have to pay admission fee, you also only get one drink token. Oh well.

In any case, it’s a bit difficult to get to the distillery now because you have to take not only a ferry across the river but then either walk quite a ways or take a “taxi bus”. Once there, it’s of course lots of fun to ride around on a very long golf cart train to the main building where you watch a short video then walk through the rest of the visitors exhibit and learn about not just the history of rum, but how it’s significantly impacted Puerto Rico, too. Always lots to learn.

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A San Juan photo adventure:


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