{albany} ted’s fish fry

May 31, 2017

On our recent trip to upstate New York, we stopped in Albany- which I just recently found out is actually the capital of New York state?! While looking up places to eat in Albany, I happened upon the Yelp page for Ted’s Fish Fry. Looking at the reviews, it seemed pretty good and I was intrigued by the pictures of long fried fish in hot dog buns.

While on the road looking for the restaurant, I saw online that there are six locations around the Albany area. We visited the newest Albany location. It was only after arriving that I realized that Ted’s Fish Fry is more of a fast food place than a restaurant.



We walked in and ordered from the large menu on the wall. They have a nice selection of seafood and the prices aren’t too high.


We ordered the Ted’s Fish Fry and the Big Ted’s Seafood Combo Dinner to share.



My mother said that she thought the seafood was fresh. I thought the food was okay. I thought having the fish fried in that shape and in a hot dog bun was interesting, but it didn’t have much flavor. The rest of the food was really just regular fried seafood. I did, however, enjoy the coleslaw. It was just the right amount of tang and sweetness.

Overall, it was interesting to experience a fast food chain that can only be experienced in Albany, but I do not think that it wasn’t anything incredible.


2 Responses to “{albany} ted’s fish fry”

  1. allisence said

    Looks yummy! Random that Albany would have a fish fry I feel like though.

  2. annalice said

    so many fish fry places in upstate ny – who would have thought

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