{puerto rico} san juan el morro

June 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Mamie!

Located on the west end of Old San Juan, El Morro is a huge fort that essentially goes right out into the Atlantic Ocean. The walls on this massive fort are 140-feet high and up to 15-feet thick. Dating back to 1539, this is said to be the oldest Spanish fort in the New World. El Morro’s lighthouse is the oldest light station on the island that’s still in use and with it’s help, it’s kept many countries and their conquerors from attacking the island by surprise. While walking around inside the fort, you kind of forget where you are because the stone walls and floors are just so thick. Then you walk near the edge and look out either onto the ocean or just the massive green field on the one side of the fort and realize, wow you are really high up and there are just so many levels to explore on this giant fort!

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A San Juan photo adventure:


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