{sacramento} bacon + butter

June 10, 2017

Recently I went on a weekend trip to Sacramento. Sacramento, seriously? Well, yes, only because it does happen to be the capital of California (even though everyone including me forgets that) and its metro area does have quite a large population. Besides, I had never gone to Sacramento before (beyond driving through) so I thought it would be a nice little trip.

One of my first stops in Sacramento was Bacon & Butter. This farm-to-table cafe is known for its seasonal menu that changes regularly, but most importantly for their Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict. I was really excited for this brunch because Bacon & Butter is supposed to be such a hot place in Sacramento. I thought the concept of having a Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict, was so unique, but in the end I was kind of disappointed. There just seemed to be an overall lack of flavor! This was true for their most famous Eggs Benedict, but also the potatoes that came along with them (even though the texture on the potatoes was great). The breaded chicken tenders on the Chicken & Waffle, was also just really plain. What a disappointment! At least the roasted strawberry and rhubarb that came with the latter dish was decent, flavor wise.

Having waited almost an hour to get seated at this place, and then waiting quite a while for our food, too, I was a bit disappointed with the entire affair, which is too bad because there were literally people waiting outside that they don’t wait in lines for brunch, but Bacon & Butter is their one exception!


Brunch menu options

Chicken & Waffle

Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict


2 Responses to “{sacramento} bacon + butter”

  1. lincolnlifesite said

    Reblogged this on ANDY'S WORLD.

  2. annalice said

    too bad this was a disappointment! it looks really yummy

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