{sacramento} norcal brew tour stop 2: big stump

June 18, 2017

I went on a 5-stop Northern California brewery tour.
Stop 1: Berryessa (technically in Winters, Calif.)

The second stop was Big Stump Brew Co. located in Downtown Sacramento. One of the real perks about Big Stump is that it’s open to you bringing in your own food since they don’t serve any. I feel like this always enhances the experience of both the food you happen to be consuming and the beer you happen to be drinking (which of course if Big Stump beer since that’s where you are).

At Big Stump, you get to create your own flight, essentially, with as many of the beers they have on tap that you want. Of course, I wanted to try to Russian Imperial Stout, since stouts are my favorite, but the Coconut Russian Imperial Stout also sounded super interesting. It’s a good thing I got the change to try both. In the end, I think even though the coconut one was very interesting, the original Russian Imperial Stout and the Blood Orange Wit were my favorite on this second stop!

Brewery Menu

The tasting flight


One Response to “{sacramento} norcal brew tour stop 2: big stump”

  1. annalice said

    yes! i also love places you can bring your own food cause often the food served at breweries are subpar

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