{sacramento} norcal brew tour stop 3: bike dog

June 19, 2017

I went on a 5-stop Northern California brewery tour.
Stop 1: Berryessa (technically in Winters, Calif.)
Stop 2: Big Stump Brew Co.

The third of my recent five-stop Sacramento area brewery tour was Bike Dog Brewing Co. I didn’t realize it until I walked in but I have definitely seen some of their labels before in stores. This place (even though it was a bit away from Downtown all the way in West Sacramento) was on my list of definites that I wanted to visit because they had a milk stout on tap! Milk stouts are my absolute favorite! I’m sad to report that I was a bit disappointed with Bike Dog’s milk stout though, it seemed a bit light; but their Klunker Red Ale and Riverside Ride Sour were pretty decent!

The tasting flight


One Response to “{sacramento} norcal brew tour stop 3: bike dog”

  1. annalice said

    i’m not a huge fan of beer, but i find stouts to be tolerable! a milk stout sounds really yummy

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