{sacramento} norcal brew tour stop 4: track 7

June 20, 2017

I went on a 5-stop Northern California brewery tour.
Stop 1: Berryessa (technically in Winters, Calif.)
Stop 2: Big Stump Brew Co.
Stop 3: Bike Dog Brewing Co.

One of the best things about the local breweries in the Sacramento area is that if they don’t serve food, they either let you bring in your own or they have food trucks that are stationed outside. In fact, many of the breweries have a rotation of food trucks come in throughout the week. Track 7 Brewing Company, for example, happened to be where the Culinerdy Cruzer was parked on the day I visited.

Track 7 has some interesting beers on tap and it’s nice that they serve pints, half pints, and a taster option. For the taster option, you pay a certain amount (I forget how much) to essentially buy a memorabilia glass. Then you get to pick a number of different beers to taste using that same glass each time. Instead of doing that, we decided to just buy half pints since we were planning to spend quite a while at this brewery. The only negative is that they served so many different IPAs that by the end, most of them tasted pretty similar. Not enough variety!

The brewery menu

The half pints


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