{sacramento} rosested coffee

June 24, 2017

While in Sacramento, I happened upon an incredibly random coffee place called Rosested. The entrance was in a random alleyway and it was also in the back of a thrift store/second hand store, which is neat, but, again, very random. This coffee place is very close to Bacon + Butter so while I was waiting to be seated for breakfast here, the woman who runs this coffee place came by with free samples of their coffee. She also mentioned so look for the new rose mural. Well, it was enough of a draw that I decided to try the place out, and I’m glad I did. Walking in I noticed that a very local musician was playing live music in the corner and the woman who walked around with the coffee samples was clearly mentoring a younger woman on the art of being a barista. It was actually a really neat place to visit, besides, what a clever name they have!


Second hand thrift store decoration



4 Responses to “{sacramento} rosested coffee”

  1. annalice said

    ooo love these little hidden places! such a gem

  2. Pete said

    Very nice place, went there twice and both times were outstanding customers service and the coffee was perfect.

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