{sacramento} magpie brunch

June 26, 2017

Before arriving in Sacramento, I had heard that Magpie Cafe was a topnotch place to visit and that its breakfast/brunch menu was certainly something to look forward to. Hearing this, of course, I had an effort to stop by Magpie for brunch one morning.

With so many options, it was hard to decide what I wanted to try here, but in the end decided on the Chilaquiles Verdes and the Spring Skillet, both of which happened to be advertised on their hipster chalkboard just beyond their large outside porch seating area. While the Spring Skillet looked quite delicious with its colorful vegetables and poached eggs on top, I felt like the flavors were a bit lacking. The Chilaquiles Verdes, on the other hand, were bursting with flavor and definitely the highlight of this Magpie Cafe food adventure. Yum!


So many options

Spring Skillet

Chilaquiles Verdes


One Response to “{sacramento} magpie brunch”

  1. Dina said

    Spring skillet for me, please. Love poached eggs. 🙂 Great photos!

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