{rome, ny} a revolutionary fort

June 28, 2017


Last month, I got to visit some parts of Western NY – not your typical vacation destination, perhaps, but there were some beautiful hikes and sites!

On our way back, we visited Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome (in New York, not Italy, unfortunately). Plopped squarely in the middle of the city, Fort Stanwix is most famous for being the site of a Revolutionary War Continental Army stronghold against a 21 day British siege in August 1777.

The present day structure was constructed about 40 years ago following an archaeological dig, but was built to mimic the structure as it would have looked in the 1700s, including all of the artifacts found inside. Take a look!

Monument entrance – you can see part of the structure in the background

A model of what the structure would have looked like from an aerial view

The view from on top of one of the four rampart towers. You might notice the small wooden structure in the top right corner. These were found all throughout the fort – I thought at first that it was some sort of makeshift prison for misbehaving soldiers, since it latches from the outside. Turns out it’s just where the soldiers were stationed to stay dry if they were on watch and it was raining out!

Inside one of the barracks – a room like this would likely have housed slightly higher ranking officials; the foot soldiers slept on cramped long straw bunks, 40 to a room!

We didn’t have too much time here, but it’s definitely a cool glimpse at history! Be sure to stop by the visitor center as well to learn about the history of the region, including many stories of trade and battles done with and against the Oneida Indian tribes native to the area.

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  1. annalice said

    oh yes, this was indeed a random stop

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