{upstate new york} signs

July 5, 2017

Signs we saw on a recent trip to the upstate New York region.

Are you tired of the $xx.99 price tags? That $15.99 is supposed to hide that fact you are paying 99¢ more than $15. Apparently, it does work. Otherwise, the vendors wouldn’t do it. Look at these ticket prices from Howe Caverns.

Howes Caverns does away with the price shenanigans – $25.00. No 99¢ tagged on. It also includes sales tax in the price. Hooray for Howe Caverns!

Not 10, not 15, not 20, we mean 17 miles per hour!

It was the first time I saw a “DON’T BLOCK THE BOX” sign. Apparently, these are more common than I realize. But, what does it mean? What is the box? What is blocking the box? I guess Box is an intersection or, in this case, a railroad crossing. The best explanation I found was “you cannot enter box unless your exit is clear.” You can exit, therefore no blocking an intersection, no gridlock.


2 Responses to “{upstate new york} signs”

  1. annalice said

    hahah ohh yeahh these signs were funny!

  2. attrace said

    Yeah there are these Don’t Block the Box signs all over Philly!

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