[good reads] the handmaid’s tale

July 9, 2017

I’m guessing do to the new TV series, The Handmaid’s Tail by Margaret Atwood currently has over 1000 requests/holds in the San Francisco Public Library system! After weeks and and weeks perhaps into the month and month (honestly I lost count) of waiting, I finally got an email that it was my turn! It had actually been so long that I had forgotten about requesting this book at all.

It turns out Margaret Atwood’s view of the future is a pretty quick read. This dystopian society is set in an American city in the future (perhaps even the future of now) where a fundamentalist totalitarian government has taken over and women have been stripped of all power, authority, identity, and rights. Women have taken over essentially only 3 roles: acting as a vessel for procreation, household servants, and trainers of the vessels for procreation. It’s an incredibly scary world told through the eyes and voice of a woman who remembers living the first part of her life is what we would consider “modern society” but has adjusted to their scary world. What I found the most interesting is that it’s not a global thing, this government has only taken over in the United States so throughout, you hear about tourists (like from Japan) who come to visit and gawk at the “new normal” in Gilead. If you ever get your hands on this book, it’s a scary, but good read!


One Response to “[good reads] the handmaid’s tale”

  1. You are right about it being a scary read – I read somewhere that Atwood made a point of only including things in Gilead that had actually happened in real societies (even if not all in one society at the same time), which makes it all seem shockingly possible…Bronte

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