{sf} chez maman’s french

July 13, 2017

Just thinking back to the food in France makes my mouth water. That’s why when my French roommate and his girlfriend (who is also French) told me that they enjoy eating Chez Maman‘s French, Provencal-style food, I knew I had to head over there immediately. I’m so glad I did!

This place gets super packed and there’s almost always a line so our strategy was to get there early and it was a great idea to do this because we got seated right away and immediately after that a line started forming. Once inside, I knew that I would have to wait in line at this place because while quite attentive, the staff is not pushy at all and really let you take your time to order the courses/dishes you want to try. We ordered one dish at a time and enjoyed every single one of them. Of course the bread was delicious and even the butter was softened. Then we had their famous French Onion Soup, which was super cheesy. Next we tried the Endive Salad, which came with pralines, stinky cheese, and a caramel dressing. Last we ended our meal with the Provencal-style mussels with french fries. Oh what a meal!

Bread and softened butter

French Onion Soup

Endive Salad

Les Moules

French Fries


2 Responses to “{sf} chez maman’s french”

  1. annalice said

    ooo that food looks so good! are french onion soup and french fries actually french?

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