{sf} pirating @ smuggler’s cove

July 20, 2017

I learned about Smuggler’s Cove from a previous roommate whose choice spirit was rum. I just recently got a chance to try this place out and even though I had heard that the drinks were quite delicious, I didn’t know the extent of their deliciously vast menu until now! Wow – the menu is so large it would take forever to try all these tropical cocktails! Since I went with a friend and we each ordered two drinks, we were able to try a total of four … which barely made a dent on the list. I think my absolute favorite was the painkiller thanks to its coconut foam. Yum! The best part is going from 5-6 pm any day because it’s Happy Hour ($2 off all drinks)!

Looking down at the bar from the floor above

Pirates ceiling decor

Puffer fish!

Round 1

Round 2 – Rum Barrel (left) and Painkiller (right)


One Response to “{sf} pirating @ smuggler’s cove”

  1. annalice said

    oh yeah you mentioned this place, looks delicious!!

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