{maui} road to hana, part 1

July 24, 2017

One of the most epic things to do on Maui is drive The Road to Hana. It’s a hairpin winding and strikingly breathtaking way to see the entire northern and eastern shores of the island. I’m thankful that it was all paved and it was essentially all two lanes so if you went slow, it wasn’t too bad. Here’s a look at part 1 of my mom’s and my Road to Hana drive.

Just as you’re getting started along The Road to Hana, you see the 2-mile marker, which is a must stop for the most beautiful mini-hike leading to Twin Falls. Continuing on, you drive along the Ko’olau Forest Reserve where you can see the visible difference in the fauna becoming more jungle-like. Various waterfalls casdading into perfectly clear pools tempt you to stop along the way and we did at a number of them. Then about halfway through the drive, we happened upon Ke’anae famous for its black sand beaches. Just beyond that is Three Bears Falls which has a name that matches its triple cascade perfectly.

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One Response to “{maui} road to hana, part 1”

  1. annalice said

    this road was so nauseating but the views were SO worth it!

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