{maui} ohe’o gulch’s papaw trail

July 27, 2017

Part of the reason (perhaps not the whole reason since part of the reason is the journey along the way) to drive the entire Road to Hana is to get to the Kipahulu area (Ohe’o Gulch). Ohe’o Gulch is part of Haleakala National Park, but the summit (volcano) side and this side aren’t actually connected. Ohe’o Gulch is filled with beautiful waterfalls and clear pools all connected until they reach the ocean. Starting from the Kipahulu Visitor Center, you can climb up away from the ocean along the Papaw Trail. This trail climbs along the pools’ stream-bed so that you’re rewarded constantly with views of beautiful cascades and clear pools that tempt you to dip at least your toes. The most famous part of this trail is the large bamboo grove you have to walk through along boardwalks. It’s eerie the way the wind hits the bamboo stalks. You’ll also see mangoes and guavas before crossing the stream to get over to the incredibly tall and thin Makahiku bridal-veil Falls.

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  1. annalice said

    loved this too!

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