{maui} paia’s market for fish

August 3, 2017

While on Maui, it makes sense to at least eat some fresh, delicious fish at least a couple of times. One of the places we went for some of this fresh caught fish off the shores of Hawaii was at Fish Market Restaurant in Paia. We had decided to drive up to Paia to take a look around this town and happened upon this seafood restaurant. They pretty much offered every kind of fish you can imagine off the coast of Maui and for a decent price. It was packed when we got there the first time though so we decided to walk around and then make our way back there when it wasn’t so busy, which was a great idea. The second time around, there were fewer people in line because it was later in the afternoon but not yet dinner time. We ordered some fresh fish to be cooked up in garlic and then some fish tacos. Yum!

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A Maui-style photo adventure:


Order and sit

Fresh catch of the day!

Fish tacos


One Response to “{maui} paia’s market for fish”

  1. annalice said

    i also went there! haha its really goood!

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