{scotland} 15th century st. giles cathedral

February 20, 2018

St. Giles, located right in Edinburgh’s Old Town, is the heart of the Scottish Reformation. Famous minister John Knox served here from 1559 to 1572. While the bulk of the original architecture is from the 15th century, much of it was restored in the 19th century so most of it doesn’t look that old, albeit still quite old.

While in Edinburgh, visiting this cathedral caused me a lot of angst because I wasn’t in town for that many days. In fact, I only had time to walk around Edinburgh for a full day before heading off into the Highlands. Of course it just so happens that St. Giles Cathedral was closed that day! This meant that I delayed heading to Wales an entire half day (after the Highlands) so that I could make sure to have time to see the inside of this magnificent cathedral! Of course the stained glass windows were amazing. The vaulted ceilings were also spectacular. Really, I just love the feeling that these old cathedrals give me … stonework so beautiful it’s beyond my meager words!

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