{wales} caerphilly castle + dragons

April 3, 2018

For whatever reason, Wales equals beautiful castles in my head. Well, I was not to be disappointed because while in Wales, I saw no less than three castles in three days. None of them were disappointing either. In fact, I just loved all the castles in South Wales. The Caerphilly Castle is especially intriguing for couple of reasons. First off, one of its towers is leaning so far that it’s actually leaning more than the Tower of Pisa. Somehow, it still manages to stay up though. Secondly, Caerphilly Castle happened to be the home of some dragons when I was there over winter break! Dragons?!? Yes! Dragons!!! There was a mom dragon and a dad dragon and two baby dragons. They were the cutest and most magnificent (not real, obviously) dragons I had ever seen before. Thirdly, Caerphilly Castle is very cool medieval castle because it has concentric circle-like moats, which makes for some neat views from above!

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A Welsh photo adventure:


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