sped teacher by school days • wanderlust by every other day

On the one hand, I spend countless hours a week in the classroom as a special education teacher in San Francisco who just can’t get enough of finding innovative ways to help my students learn. On the other hand, I’m a wanderlust who just can’t shake off the love of seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, and photographing memories to last a life time. Join me as I run around on adventures, explore the world around me, and find inspiration in everyday things!

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11 Responses to “about”

  1. Ba said

    Pretty dry in SD also, not as hot. Westward (go further west), girl.

  2. Jenna said

    My name is Jenna, I work with the Downtown Phoenix Partnership. I wanted to discuss a blogging opportunity with you. Would you please contact me at your earliest convenience?
    Thanks so much,

  3. Jessica said

    Hi, I was wondering if you were open to advertising or doing sponsored posts on your blog? If so, please shoot me an email – I’d love to chat about one of our clients advertising on your site. Thanks!

  4. Beth D. said

    Hi Allisence. You probably don’t remember me but I work at the Republic too…I enjoyed your blog! Very informative and well-designed…which I guess makes sense, since you’re a designer.

    Good luck in your future efforts in work, and in life!

  5. Beth said

    We are the family that brings those “adorable tiny ponies” to the light parade. Thank you for adoring them! We love sharing them with the crowd and are grateful to APS for helping us participate.
    Beth at IAMRanch.com

  6. My husband is an air traffic controller, but not military.

  7. karenzai said

    Thanks for following me as I journey toward becoming a special education teacher (like you)! 🙂 I’d like to invite you to connect on Facebook as well — I recently created a page for my blog specifically to facilitate communication with other like-minded folks. Hope you connect with you there! 🙂


  8. Hi there!

    Great page! Your posts are so inspiring! You, along with many travelers could utilize our new and upcoming app, POI. It’s for the travelers and the locals to post their points of interest!

    I’d like to start a movement. To inspire people to live and see more of the world. POI’s purpose is to create a community and world awareness -where the focus is the world’s point’s of interest. It becomes a shared goal to explore and exploit the world’s POI!

    I’d appreciate to hear your feedback. Please send me your email address, if you’d like to be included in our mailing list! This will inform you POI’s release date and updates!

    Let me know your thoughts!

    The POI Movement

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