{upstate new york} falls

August 16, 2017

In upstate New York Finger Lakes region, we visited a few falls. These were not exactly on the scale of Niagara Falls, but at least, worth one visit. Come to think of it, does Niagara Falls really need multiple visits?

Buttermilk Falls – one of the smallest we saw

Pratt Falls                                                   Chittenango Falls

Treman Park Falls

Watkin Glen Falls – multi-feature falls

E. M. Mills Memorial Rose Garden appears on just about every travel guide on Syracuse. So, we had to go see it.

Not a single rose.

Let’s try the nearby The Lily Pond.


No lily.

Our first impression of Syracuse was kind of disappointing. Maybe it was too early in the season. Maybe in Syracuse, plants don’t grow year-round like in Southern California. Too bad.

Saw this wall painting in Syracuse, maybe depicting a street scene or a playground. Nothing too special, just like any other of the hundreds of wall paintings in a city.

A closer look reveals it’s comprised of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes). These have been described as two-dimensional barcode. These days, QR Codes are used everywhere to track everything. Just capture it with your smartphone. Even airport security checks accept these, no longer any need to print the boarding pass.

It turns out this is really a cool, up-to-date with technology, in-with-millennials, wall mural.

Signs we saw on a recent trip to the upstate New York region.

Are you tired of the $xx.99 price tags? That $15.99 is supposed to hide that fact you are paying 99¢ more than $15. Apparently, it does work. Otherwise, the vendors wouldn’t do it. Look at these ticket prices from Howe Caverns.

Howes Caverns does away with the price shenanigans – $25.00. No 99¢ tagged on. It also includes sales tax in the price. Hooray for Howe Caverns!

Not 10, not 15, not 20, we mean 17 miles per hour!

It was the first time I saw a “DON’T BLOCK THE BOX” sign. Apparently, these are more common than I realize. But, what does it mean? What is the box? What is blocking the box? I guess Box is an intersection or, in this case, a railroad crossing. The best explanation I found was “you cannot enter box unless your exit is clear.” You can exit, therefore no blocking an intersection, no gridlock.

On a recent travel to the upstate New York region, we encountered this warning sign. It actually contains quite a bit of information about prevention. In any case it got everyone’s attention. We have all heard the term Lyme Disease. What exactly is it? Should we keep away from outdoor activities and protect ourselves by covering everything up like this?

Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterium transmitted by tiny blacklegged ticks. If left untreated, the infection could spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system. Fortunately, most cases of Lyme Disease can be treated successfully by a few weeks of antibiotics regiment.

Also, luckily, the early sign of a Lyme Disease tick bite is very distinct. The medical term is erythema migrans. It manifests as an expanding annular rash on your skin, centered around the tick bite. If you don’t see such circular rash on your skin, you’re probably safe.