This customer on horse in Suffolk, England was refused service at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. The UK McDonald’s website devotes a full page on the reasons for not serving horseback riders in Drive-Thru.

Although, recently, a woman in Cleethorpes, UK was able to order a bag of carrots as treat for her pony, Savvanah, at a McDonald’s.

Wendy gladly served an order of Frosty for this horse Buns.

Others also seem less concerned about horses or horse drawn vehicles. I guess the Royal Society does not rule everywhere.

Dunkin Donuts                            Jack in the Box

Starbucks does not discriminate whether it’s a big or miniature horse.

Well … I wonder what the Royal Society has to say about this?


We know Donald Trump liked to do film and TV cameos. He was also not above doing commercials to promote others and himself (of course). You may be curious about whether he did any cameo with his wives. He did.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1994) – with wife number 2, Marla Maples

Zoolander (2001) – with future wife number 3, Melania Knauss

Although wife number one, Ivana (Zelnickova) Trump appeared in The First Wives Club (1996). But, they did not seem to have appeared in any film or TV cameo together.

They did do a Pizza Hut commercial in 1995. At that time, Ivana was actually ex-wife. The Donald had already moved on to wife number 2.

We all know Ronald Reagan was an actor before he was the president. I don’t know if Donald Trump thought following Reagan’s path would get him into the Whitehouse, but The Donald also has a list of film & television credits; mostly cameo appearances where he plays himself.

Spin City with Michael J. Fox (1998)

The Drew Carey Show (1997)

Sex in the City (1999)


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Two Weeks Notice, with Hugh Grant (2002)

Ghosts Can’t Do It (1989) – The Donald seemed to have a bit more than cameo appearance here. He was awarded Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor

Suddenly Susan (1997) – prophetic or what ??

KFC running out of chicken? That’s like McDonald’s running out of Big Mac or Gasp!!… Starbucks running out of coffee. And yet, that was what happened to KFC in UK, forcing as many as 800 of its 900 outlets to close.

KFC in UK switched their delivery vendor from Bitvest to DHL. Of course, DHL’s pitch to get the contract was that it will overhaul KFC’s UK distribution. At the time, DHL “promised to re-write the rule book and set a new benchmark for delivering fresh products to KFC.” Yes, ZERO delivery sure is a new benchmark.

You have to give UK KFC credit. It did not shy away from the embarrassment or poking some fun at itself.

“The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC said on Twitter. And,

It took out full page ads to apologize, with cheeky flair.

Hmmm, I wonder what FCK means. Probably, that first word out of KFC’s mouth, when they were informed of the chicken shortage. But, maybe they mean

Fried Chicken Kaput
Failed Carrier Kink – that little kink in the supply chain logistics
Full Crisis Karma missing yoU

Apparently, that kink in the supply chain isn’t so little. A week after the chicken outage, with some restaurants still serving only reduced menu, KFC ran out of gravy!!

Can you say Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes? They are available in UK, by the way.

winter olympic snafu

February 21, 2018

Think you need to travel to PyeongChang, South Korea, to take in the 2018 Winter Olympics? No… it’s happening at your local P.F. Chang. It’s on the TV news, surely, it’s got to be true.

Since the Winter Olympics is broadcasted by NBC. I have a sneaky suspicion, ABC is just trying to confuse and steer audiences away from NBC.

NBC’s Katie Couric thinks the Dutch are such good ice skaters because it’s an important mode of transportation for traveling around the frozen canals of Amsterdam. Wow, the secret is out for the Netherlands’ Olympic success. That face of the NBC Winter Olympics broadcast, is not exactly the brightest bulb.

Speaking of NBC’s dim bulb, one analyst was fired for “insensitive” remarks about Korean history with Japan. If you are going to be an “analyst,” maybe you should do your homework. Read up on the brutal Japanese occupation of Korea before WWII, before blabbering on to insult an entire country, or two countries – counting North Korea and South Korea.

Lost in translation? That Google Translate from Norwegian to Korean, needs just a bit of adjustment. Norwegian Olympic team accidentally ordered 15,000 eggs (it was meant to be a 1,500 eggs order). What’s an additional zero? Well…it’s about 137 eggs per Norwegian athlete. Maybe that’s Norway’s secret to their success at winter Olympics!