A couple weeks back, the weather was really nice here in new haven! It was consistently 60-70s for an entire week. There has also been plenty of rain recently so it was the perfect combination for the flowers to bloom! I saw so many pretty flowers while walking around the Yale campus. The pictures do not do the flowers justice. It was so nice to have it feel like spring … at least temporarily … cause now its back to 40 degree weather =( oh east coast.

A spring flower photo adventure:


My final day in Paris was like a very full dream. First I started off in Montmartre. This neighborhood is actually quite like parts of San Francisco because it’s one giant hill that used to be home to all the artists including Vincent Van Gough. Of course while in the Montmartre neighborhood I rode the mini train up to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, which is free to visit unless you want a more extensive tour, which I did not do. This area is also home to the infamous Moulin Rouge and its fancy windmills, which for sure you also have to breeze by. After taking some pictures of these windmills, I made my way over the Rodin Museum. The only super disappointing thing about the Rodin Museum is that The Thinker was under renovation so it was pretty much completely covered up! Everything else was beautiful though, despite the rain.

My second to last stop of the day was Musée d’Orsay, which (like the Louvre) has such an extensive collection of art that it’s nearly impossible to see everything. I did try though (it helped that some of it was closed off due to renovation, too). My absolute favorites were the Monets, the Salvador Dalí pieces, and museum’s extensive Vincent Van Gough collection. What a great visit and totally worth it especially right before heading back to the Eiffel Tower for a view of this beautiful architectural masterpiece at night!

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A French Parisian voyage photo adventure:


As fall winds down and the leaves start falling off the trees, I have been trying to go on as many hikes in CT as possible for last glimpses of autumn. Recently I went to Talcott mountain state park, a CT state park. It was a bit far from new haven (~1 hour drive) but the views were worth it! I think this hike was also listed as one of the top hikes in the state. There were amazing views along the hike! Also at the top of the hike is a tower, which unfortunately I did not get a chance to go up. I am sure that there are even more panoramic views at the top. I would definitely visit again! Take a look!

Panoramic views

More foliage

Along the path

{connecticut} new haven

October 12, 2016


New Haven, CT is definitely not one of the nicest places to live. The neighborhoods can be sketchy…but luckily for me, I live in an apartment complex with the nicest sunset views! It almost makes living here worth it. Here are a few views from my apartment window:





{ct} gouveia vineyards

September 14, 2016


Over the summer, one of my co-residents and I decided to check out a local vineyard only about 25 minutes away from New Haven. It was a relatively small vineyard but had a very cute setup! You can buy wine by the glass or bottle and drink while overlooking the vines! The best part is that they have picnic tables set up and it is BYOF (bring your own food), which is such a good idea. We just brought some snacks but some people had entire meals set up. I would definitely visit again! It was quite serene and the wine was tasty (forgot what we ordered though).

Blue bottle is pretty cool

So serene!