When in Boston, I had some real Scottish food for the first time at The Haven. The Scottish are an interesting people. They’re very proud of their culture and live in just one of the most beautiful places in the world (in my personal opinion). Their food is equally interesting, especially their national dish: haggis. Made some practically every part of the sheep, this sausage-like food is not offensive, but not what I would describe as delicious either. The Cullen Stink (fish, potato, leek) soup, on the other hand, is so delicious! I’m so glad I got a chance to eat some interesting (albiet random) Scottish food near the end of my recent trip to Boston!


Scottish bread

Scottish-inspired drinks


Appetizer platter

Cullen Skink Soup

Seared Scottish Salmon

Haggis and Neeps

Happy Birthday Junie!

Growing up, one of my favorite books was Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. I remember listening to this story during read aloud time in elementary school, my parents buying me a copy during the book fair, and then going to actually see the ducklings at the Public Garden. Of course I’m not talking about real ducklings because what field trip can guarantee seeing ducklings? These make way for ducklings statues are just the cutest things following behind their giant mother duck. The best part though is that the Boston Public Garden is such an amazing beautiful place that even if there were no ducklings, I’d still visit this place every time I’m in town.

A duckling-filled photo adventure:

Growing up, I don’t remember what the Public Market in Boston looked like, but it recently for an upgrade and is now so nice and fancy! There are rows and rows of locally-owned small businesses mainly selling food, but also local handmade products like hand-dyed yarn and candles. My favorites were the cider donuts and honeybee wax products. The market building itself is super nice and has signs up so you know exactly which aisle to go down to find the stall you’re looking for. Since I was there in the beginning of winter, there were also giant (and I mean giant) pumpkins left from the end of fall. These things weighed hundreds of pounds and won contests! Whoa!

By the way, the best part about this place (for me) is that it was right next to the new RMV location, too … so I could hop by after renewing my drivers license!

A market-y photo adventure:

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an incredible personal collection of art pieces all collected by one person — namely Isabella Stewart Gardner. What clearly comes through throughout this original plus added on modern building is that the woman really cared about art and wanted to make sure it was showcased in the best way possible. She personally decided where lights and plants would be to better frame each picture. It’s even part of the agreement that nothing can be moved from the original locations that she left everything in! That’s pretty intense, but totally worth it considering the amazing collection here that we are now able to see! The courtyard is especially beautiful!

A personal photo adventure: