I’ve always thought that one of the best and most unique places to eat in the Valley of the Sun is Chino Bandido, which, no, is not just a restaurant where a bunch of Mexicans decided to cook up Chinese food. I’ve definitely visited Chino Bandido many times before, but decided to go again during a recent trip to Phoenix. And just like I remember … it was sooooo delicious! I mean, who ever thought that mixing Mexican and Chinese cuisine would be so delicious? I would have never imagined, but the owners and creators of this place are geniuses. That’s all I have to say!

A Chinese Mexican photo adventure:





{phx} ohso

February 6, 2016

During a recent visit to Phoenix, I met up with some friends at OHSO. I had never visited this place before even though I know it’s quite popular. I know a teacher who lives near the North Phoenix one and frequents it. Anyway, I met up with some friends at OHSO for a late afternoon get-together. We shared some beers and appetizers, which were all quite delicious. I can definitely see how this is a place to meet up for Happy Hour, on the weekends to watch the game, or for a girls or guys night. It gives off that vibe!


Food to share

Some more food to share

It looks like my time here in phx is coming to a close. Ever since moving here 7 years ago (!!), I’ve been amazed at the fact that there are so many palm trees here. I mean, aren’t palm trees tropical? And don’t palm trees require tremendous amounts of water in order to stay healthy? Yes. Anyway, Phoenix is filled with palm trees everywhere. The apartment complex I just moved out of was even called Palm Vista! Anyway, so the view of looking up at the tall palms scattered around Phoenix is not something new and I thought rather fitting in this goodbye post.

It’s been an amazing 7 years in the desert — under the shadow of the palm — but I am ready for my new adventure: some summer drifting and backpacking then it’s off to a new adventure in San Francisco! See you!

Bye Phoenix!

A quick scan of breakfast locations in Central Phoenix brings up tons of options, more than ever, really. Since it’s summer break, I’ve had the chance to try some. One of my breakfast adventures was Vovomeena located on the southeast corner of Thomas and 7th Avenue.

Vovomeena, along with Tuck House and Mornin’ Moonshine, are owned by DJ Fernandes. The menu at Vovomeena, named after his Portuguese grandmother, boasts an interesting menu that combines indie, European, and Southern cuisine. I read online that DJ Fernandes went to school in New Orleans. I guess this breakfast and brunch place reflects his unique life. What’s most special about Vovomeena, though, is its cold-brewed coffee that’s infused with different flavors. We tried the Flight O’ three coffee flavors so that we could try more. They were delicious. The food, also, of course. I mean, who can turn away a Portuguese Donut atop two eggs over easy atop apple jam atop pork chop atop waffle atop pool of maple syrup?

So many choices

Coffee bar

Lovely decor

Flight o’ three coffees

Flight o’ three coffees with something added

Wilcox Avenue


{phx} walk

June 25, 2015

During my recent park visits and since school has been out and I haven’t headed on my summer trip(s) yet, I’ve noticed that there are so many WALK PHX signs at all the parks. I know these aren’t new, but I guess I just never paid that much attention to them before. A little digging online helped me realize that WALK PHX is a part of the FitPHX citywife healthy-living initiative that was originally started by Mayor Greg Station, Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman. According to the website, “the goal is to create programs and utilize existing resources to improve health and wellness in the region and make the Phoenix area one of the healthiest in the nation. The program encourages residents to lead healthier lifestyles, focusing on childhood and adult obesity, nutrition education, walking, bicycling, the use of public transportation and healthy worksites.”

I like it because one thing that’s really nice about many of the parks near where I currently live have nice walking paths. Now there are finally signs and plaques so walkers know how far they are walking. I’ve also noticed a much of metal mile makers that have been added into the cement, which makes keeping track even easier! Too bad it’s getting a bit too warm to be outside in PHX!


Walking @ Steele Indian School Park

Walking @ Verde Park