School stars again on Monday. School … as in I’m a teacher, not a student. Actually, let me rephrase. I, as a teacher, have already been working for a week, but students start class again on Monday. I don’t really consider teacher prep days as “work” because I love planning and scheduling and setting up my classroom. The trouble comes when all the students get there!

As a last hurrah before summer ended though, I got the chance to go down to Santa Cruz and visit Seabright Beach. In fact I haven’t spent that much time in Santa Cruz before so it was a nice to get away (even if not that far away from San Francisco), spend some time on the beach when it wasn’t too hot nor windy, walk barefoot over to the lighthouse, and just relax. School is here again!

Santa Cruz’s Seabright Beach

The lighthouse

Summer’s last hurrah!

I learned about Smuggler’s Cove from a previous roommate whose choice spirit was rum. I just recently got a chance to try this place out and even though I had heard that the drinks were quite delicious, I didn’t know the extent of their deliciously vast menu until now! Wow – the menu is so large it would take forever to try all these tropical cocktails! Since I went with a friend and we each ordered two drinks, we were able to try a total of four … which barely made a dent on the list. I think my absolute favorite was the painkiller thanks to its coconut foam. Yum! The best part is going from 5-6 pm any day because it’s Happy Hour ($2 off all drinks)!

Looking down at the bar from the floor above

Pirates ceiling decor

Puffer fish!

Round 1

Round 2 – Rum Barrel (left) and Painkiller (right)

On July 3, I went to my very first Oakland Athletics game. It was such a large crowd there with over 40,000 people (which actually wasn’t that large at all) that it was the A’s largest crows since Labor Day 2005! I think most of the crowd was like me though, not exactly there to see the A’s lose another game. In fact, everyone was there for the per-Independence Day fireworks after the game. This meant we wandered around Championship Plaza for quite a long time eating from the food trucks and then using our $12 voucher money form our seats to buy some drinks before even sitting down for a few innings. It was neat that they let anyone who wanted to go down to the stadium field to watch the fireworks. I love fireworks!

An athletic photo adventure:

Of course my sister and my food/drink adventures did not end at Virgil’s Sea Room. We then decided to go get some pizza and/or Indian food. Confused? It’s confusing. Also located on the edge of the Mission and Bernal Heights, there’s this interesting walk-in restaurant called Zante Pizza that serves Indian food, regular pizza, and Indian Pizza. Yes, I’m serious. They boast that their Indian Pizza has a naan-like crust as well as Indian toppings. We ordered “The Best Indian Pizza” with meat (lamb, chicken, and prawns). Clearly the lamb, chicken, and prawns were a bit lacking, but overall the flavor of this inspired pizza was quite food. If only the crust were even more naan-like though!


Pizza and/or Indian?!?

The Best Indian Pizza