{sf} the castro + garfunkel

November 20, 2017

Recently, Art Garfunkel was in San Francisco for a special event. When we had bought tickets on Goldstar, we thought that it was actually for a musical show where he was going to sing. The day before the event, we found out that it was actually a Commonwealth Club interview event with no music at all! It was quite the disappointment, but the event itself turned out to be pretty great and he did hum and sing a tiny bit. Apparently Mr. Art Garfunkel is a very particular man though and is not accepting of photography so nobody was allowed to take pictures, even still, a lovely event and I definitely learned more about Art Garfunkel than I thought I would ever know!


The Castro Theater

Oh to ask a question!

Coming right up – no pictures during the interview, please!


Have you ever heard of the Impossible Burger? Essentially it’s a vegetarian product that is supposed to look, taste, and feel like a real meat burger patty. The concept, of course, has been around awhile butler recently it showed up in San Francisco in a few select restaurants including Umami Burger. We decided to go there and pay for the expensive experience to try it out! Turns out, it definitely tasted like a real burger! The mouth feel was a bit off but not significantly so. Yum!


The Impossible Burger

Fries with not-so-great ketchup

{sf} saints peter + paul

November 18, 2017

Recently, I was exploring San Francisco, one of my most favorite activities and headed up toward Washington Square Park where I most surprisingly came across Saints Peter and Paul Church. Seeing this church reminded me of visiting other countries where I love visiting churches, seeing the stained glass windows, and just marveling at their architectural beauty … and what a stellar this one is!

A saintly photo adventure:

{sf} hot, hot zushi sushi

November 18, 2017

I love the fact that there’s a sushi place right near where I live in Lower Haight. Oddly enough, even though I’ve lived here for awhile and even though I highly enjoy this place being here, I hadn’t visited Hot Zushi until just recently for a late-night dinner one night. I was surprised to find that this place had tons of sushi options including some non-traditional creations and combinations including roasted pumpkins for all the vegan San Franciscans out there. I realized later on that I think this is the place one of my former roommates got sushi all the time. Now I can see why! This place is delicious, and not only that, super affordable. I am definitely coming back to try more options that I didn’t get a chance to savor this time!

A zushi sushi photo adventure: