Although we’re approaching mid-March here in DC, it has still been quite cold and wintry in the past couple weeks, so here is a throwback post to the hot summertime during my cross-country road-trip.

We stopped in a much lesser-known National Park in Hot Springs, AR, called, creatively enough, Hot Springs National Park. The visitor center is located in Fordyce Bathhouse, which operated as a bathhouse from 1915-1962. Now, inside, you can see the relics from that foregone age and the strange bathhouse habits people use to indulge in with water from the hot springs! Take a look!

The front facade of the bathhouse – it is still quite ornate and beautiful!

Confused about what these are? I was too. Fortunately, a nearby sign informed me that this was the steam cabinet rooms and these strange looking metal boxes were vapor cabinets – people used to get inside with just their heads sticking out and the hot steam was supposed to help treat rheumatism, jaundice, syphilis, and obesity!

Shown here is the massage room. It kind of looks like something out of a science fiction film, but it must have been very popular, because apparently these massages generated quite a bit of income for the bathhouse!

Pictured here is the ladies’ cooling room, which patrons used to cool off after the steam room or hot springs baths. Personally, it doesn’t seem like those hard chairs seem particularly comfortable.

It’s probably not often that you’ll happen across Hot Springs, AR, but if you ever do, Fordyce Bath House, and the accompanying Hot Spring National Park, is definitely worth a look!

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A couple weeks ago, I took a quick trip across the ocean to Copenhagen, Denmark! My little sister, who is studying abroad in London, meet me there, and we had a whirlwind three day trip seeing as many sites as we could.

One of my favorite sites was Tivoli Gardens – the world’s second oldest operating amusement park, which first opened in 1843! Don’t worry though – the rides are definitely safe and modern-looking (except for one of the carousels, which was purposely made to look old-timey!)

We happened to be in town during the Winter in Tivoli festival, where everything in the park was bathed in sparking Winter Wonderland decorations.

Take a look at the beautiful Winter in Tivoli decor!

A view of Tivoli at night – you can see the ice skating rink on the left and all the lit up trees all around!

Some lighted swans on the lake inside Tivoli Gardens!

A lighted pagoda – you can also see the faint outline of one of the park’s roller coasters in the background.

There is an admission fee to enter Tivoli, but we also purchased the Unlimited Ride wristband, which is definitely worth it! Definitely check

{dc} museum of the bible

February 14, 2018


Washington DC is home to many world-class museums! Although I have been living in DC for several months now, I have yet to make it to most of these museums. A couple weeks ago, however, a friend and I visited The Museum of the Bible, which opened only a few months ago.

Although The Museum of the Bible is privately owned, and a part of the expansive Smithsonian Institute, there is also no mandatory admission fee. It follows a pay-what-you-wish model, with $15 being the suggested donation for adults.

The name may make it sound like this is only a museum for Christians or religious people, but this is far from the truth. The three main floors cover the History of the Bible, interactive depictions of Bible stories, and the influence of the Bible. Take a look!

On the top floor was a special artist’s exhibit showing modern day illuminations of Biblical text

Just a few of the many different versions of the Bible in use across the world today

A room showing all the languages into which the Bible has been translated in whole or in part (left side) and a yellow book (right side) representing all the world’s languages into which a Bible translation has not yet been started

A life-size recreation of what Nazareth would have looked like in Jesus’ time! This exhibit was really fun to walk around and explore

We were there for more than 4 hours and didn’t even get to the First Floor (which talked about the Bible’s influence) or the basement exhibits! I guess I’ll have to go back sometime soon!

Until next time,

{london} looking up

January 31, 2018


I have been studying abroad in London for a few weeks now and I just wanted to share a couple of the things that I have noticed since being here:

– the water is very hard and my hair has been very dry.
– the double decker buses are super fun to ride.
– everything seems cheaper in pounds until I convert it to dollars and realize how expensive things actually are here.
– no one here can give me a straight answer on whether or not we walk on the left or right side of the sidewalk, or as they say- “pavement”.
– they don’t say eggplant here, only “aubergine”.
– the sky is consistently one shade of gray. However, I have attached some pictures below of the rare instances when the sky has deviated from its usual grayness.

Hopefully more lil’ London tidbits to come!

{st. louis} up the arch

January 24, 2018

Hello all,

Last month, I got to visit St. Louis, Missouri for a business trip. Although we were in the office for the majority of our trip, I snuck in a quick trip to the famous St. Louis Arch before I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight back on the morning of my last day in town.

Although I had seen photos of the arch before, it was my first time visiting – I had no idea you could actually ride up the side of the arch to the very top for a great view of the entire city!

A photo from the night before, where you can see the “Gateway to the West” arch rising in the night sky.

In order to get up the arch, you squeeze into these little blue pods that then move up the side of the arch, kind of like a conveyor belt. Here’s a photo of the doorways that open to let you into the numbered pods.

Some online reviews had said the pods can be quite claustrophobic, especially when it’s crowded and you’re trying to fit five people per pod. Fortunately, I was on the first ride up for the day and there were few enough people that I had a whole pod to myself!

At the top, there are a series of small windows that give you a view of the whole city on one side, shown here, and the Mississippi River on the other!

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