{new haven} zinc

June 14, 2017

My mom and part of my family were here on the east coast last week, and since it was close to my mother’s 60th birthday, we decided to take her out to a nice restaurant in downtown New Haven. I have walked by this restaurant called Zinc countless times before – always looked a bit fancy for me. But since it was a special occasion, we decided to try it out! There are now many farm-to-table type restaurants now, but Zinc had a special twist on this – they also had a fusion-like concept. Everything we ordered was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and tasted great! Sometimes at nice restaurants, they are skimpy on their portions, however zinc offered perfectly sized portions of food. They change up the menu every so often, and I will definitely be back to try more of this delicious goodness!

Asian fusion – dan dan noodles

Indian fusion – paneer dish

Perfectly raw tuna

Perfectly cooked salmon

Black cod with mussels

They also gave us a free appetizers – flatbread with a sort of Asian vinegette dipping sauce.

On our recent trip to upstate New York, we stopped in Albany- which I just recently found out is actually the capital of New York state?! While looking up places to eat in Albany, I happened upon the Yelp page for Ted’s Fish Fry. Looking at the reviews, it seemed pretty good and I was intrigued by the pictures of long fried fish in hot dog buns.

While on the road looking for the restaurant, I saw online that there are six locations around the Albany area. We visited the newest Albany location. It was only after arriving that I realized that Ted’s Fish Fry is more of a fast food place than a restaurant.



We walked in and ordered from the large menu on the wall. They have a nice selection of seafood and the prices aren’t too high.


We ordered the Ted’s Fish Fry and the Big Ted’s Seafood Combo Dinner to share.



My mother said that she thought the seafood was fresh. I thought the food was okay. I thought having the fish fried in that shape and in a hot dog bun was interesting, but it didn’t have much flavor. The rest of the food was really just regular fried seafood. I did, however, enjoy the coleslaw. It was just the right amount of tang and sweetness.

Overall, it was interesting to experience a fast food chain that can only be experienced in Albany, but I do not think that it wasn’t anything incredible.


Last weekend, my mom and little sister came into town for my graduation on Monday, so we got to do some exploring in the city. We visited the Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square, a display of hundreds of different types of lanterns. It would definitely be cooler to visit at night, when the lanterns are lit, but nighttime tickets can get pricey, and daytime admission is completely free! They still look pretty cool, even during the day. See below for just a small taste of the many different lanterns.

The famous Terra Cotta Warriors in lantern form

An underwater lantern world

A walkway with all of the Chinese zodiac animals as lanterns lining both sides

Panda lanterns – so cute!

My pictures definitely do not do the display justice. It was pretty cool, even though we did not get to see them lit up at night!


A couple weeks back, the weather was really nice here in new haven! It was consistently 60-70s for an entire week. There has also been plenty of rain recently so it was the perfect combination for the flowers to bloom! I saw so many pretty flowers while walking around the Yale campus. The pictures do not do the flowers justice. It was so nice to have it feel like spring … at least temporarily … cause now its back to 40 degree weather =( oh east coast.

A spring flower photo adventure:

Hi everyone!

Young kids are told all the time “Don’t touch that!” While this is typically in their best interest, it can actually stifle much of the curiosity and learning inherent to that age group. In Philadelphia, kids can let their creative juices flow at a museum aptly named the Please Touch Museum.

As part of a class I took this semester, we got an after-hours tour with the Executive Director of the museum. I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures of many of the exhibits, but see below for just a small taste!

The indoor carousel – this is located inside a giant room, which can also be rented out for meetings or events!

Imagination station – I can just imagine the hectic playground this area probably looks like during open hours!

Kid-sized transportation – A fake city bus and bus stop. I forget sometimes how fun the everyday mundane things can be for kids. I neglected to get a picture but apparently one of the busiest stations is always the fake grocery store, complete with child-sized carts, “produce” section, a deli, bakery, and all the aisles you might find in your supermarket, and a kid-friendly checkout station.

Located inside the historic Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, which was constructed as the art gallery for the U.S.’s Centennial Celebration’s art gallery back in 1876, the Please Touch Museum is definite must-see, whether you are a kid or just a kid-at-heart!