{new haven} dashi

December 13, 2017

Just this past weekend, I was having a craving for ramen. There is a ramen place in New Haven that we usually go to when I am experiencing this craving, however I wanted to try something new this time around. We googled ramen places and this new restaurant called Dashi came up. This place is actually more known for their Shabu Shabu, but there were some good reviews about their ramen. We decided to give their pork ramen with miso based soup a try as well as the Japanese curry with katsu. Both were delicious!! I was so happy we decided to try this place out. Maybe next time we will give the Shabu shabu a try!


Tasted better than it looks.


{tennessee} knife works

November 29, 2017


Hasn’t it always been on your bucket list to shop at the world’s largest knife store? Yeah, it wasn’t on mine either, but I couldn’t resist when we passed Smoky Mountain Knife Works while en route to the Smoky Mountains (which we couldn’t actually pass through due to road closures caused by the remnants of Hurricane Irma having passed through the night before.)

Take a look at just a tiny glimpse of the hundreds of thousands of knives – from antiques to modern, to custom to common, from kitchen to outdoors!

Shown here are just some common kitchen knives

Right alongside this collection of antique collectors’ knives

The decor of the place was also rather interesting. On top of the Custom Knives section was this broad set of taxidermied animals!

Of course, they don’t JUST sell knives – there was also a wide selection in the front of guns and ammo. See those purses lined on the wall? They are concealed carry purses!

If you ever find yourself on the Tennessee side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this knife store might be worth a look, if only for the novelty of it all!


{oklahoma} cruisin’ the 66

November 22, 2017


During my cross-country road trip a couple months ago, I mostly took the fast new highways to get from Point A to B as quickly as possible. However, for a stretch of about 60 miles in Oklahoma, we took things a little slower and drove East along the famous and historic Route 66. There are a whole slew of things sites to stop and see along the way – all of which were giant structures or statues. Take a look!

My mom standing in front of a giant soda bottle aka “pop bottle” as those local to Arcadia, OK might call it!

Just a bit further down the road, also in Arcadia, OK, is this giant round barn!

A giant 76-foot tall “oil man” can be found in Tulsa, OK, a city once known as The Oil Capital of the World!

A giant blue whale, found in Catoosa, OK, was originally built in the 1970s by a man named Hugh Davis as a present to his whale-figurine-loving wife!

Although I wish we could have driven further along Route 66, I’m grateful I got to at least make these fun stops – the random sites are one of the best parts of a roadtrip!

Until next month,


{md/va} assateague island!

November 8, 2017

Recently I had a chance to visit Assateague Island National Seashore near Maryland/Virginia! They are known for their wild horses! Technically you are supposed to stay a bus-length away from these horses, however we got very close to them at one point! They are very used to having humans around and just go about their business. It was SO cool to see horses so close up, although kind of scary at times because I did not want to get kicked! I would definitely recommend going to this island to see the horses if you are ever in the area. The shoreline/beach was a pretty nice view too!

The calm waters


Oh you know, horses just chilling by the road.

Got up so close to these horses walking through parking lot!

{new haven} barracuda!

October 25, 2017

A couple weekends ago, it was my friend’s birthday so a group of us wanted to go out to brunch to celebrate! There have been a bunch of brunch places in New Haven that we have all tried in the past, so we wanted to find something new! We found this place called Barracuda which was just down the street from where I live. They are more known for their happy hour deals but also served brunch. Everything on the menu looked great – it has a sort of Latin American feel to it. I got this chicken burrito which was delicious! I think we all agreed that the best part was their Yucca fries – never heard of these before but would definitely go back for more!! Another nice touch was that there was nice Latin music playing the background (although difficult to talk at times).

My chicken burrito + yucca fries (They taste better than they look).