A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Chicago for a work conference. One night, after dinner in the Wicker Park area, my coworker had to pick something up at the CVS across the street, so we walked in, expecting nothing but a typical pharmacy.

As we ventured down into the basement level though, we were in for a surprise! Behold the Vitamin Vault!

Apparently, the building where the CVS is now located used to be a bank, and they kept this vault when the space was re-purposed. Now instead of cash, it stores vitamins and supplements!

One wall contained a typical display of vitamins, but as a fun historical twist, the side of the old vault drawers had old-timey medicines and ailment treatments on display.

Definitely a pleasant little surprise to our evening!




A few times a year, the White House grounds open up to the public in continuing its legacy as “the Peoples’ House.”

A few weeks ago, a coworker and I got to attend the White House’s Spring Garden Tour. While there were fewer garden plots with flowers than I was expecting, given the name, it was still a fun time on the beautifully maintained White House South Lawn!

Up close and personal with the White House!

Tulip garden patch in front of the White House

View of the lawn and fountain facing away from the White House – you can see the Washington Monument in back as well!

The White House Kitchen Garden

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{dc} slightly past peak

April 25, 2018


I’ve heard that springtime in DC is when the city awakes from its winter slumber and really comes alive with activity. This spring, the weather has been a little temperamental, literally. Although most of the winter was warmer than average, March saw a stretch of way-below-average temperatures. This means that the iconic DC cherry blossom peak bloom forecast started off in mid-March and was pushed back several times. Peak bloom ended up being over the weekend of April 7-9.

Of course, I happened to be out of town that weekend, but I went this past weekend and was able to catch the tail end of the bloom around the Tidal Basin. Many of the blossoms had already started dying, but my friend and I were still able to catch a few good ones!

As you can see, there are a few different varieties ranging from white to darker pink.

With the Washington Monument in the background!

We lucked out and went on a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 80s, but if I do say so myself, springtime in DC is just beautiful!



While looking up things to do in Amsterdam, I happened upon something called FEBO. I learned that FEBO (pronounced fay-bo) is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants where the food is in little compartments that you put coins into in order for the compartment to open up. It sounded like a dream. Literally. When I was younger and I found out about the concept of an automat, I would have dreams about them. So, you could say that I was excited to visit a FEBO.

Luckily, the hotel that I was staying at in Amsterdam was 0.2 miles away from a FEBO and I visited a number of times in the 3 days that I was in the Netherlands.

The front of the restaurant is basically like one big vending machine with steel frames, glass windows, and flashing lights. The food rests inside its own compartment and you put your Euro coins into the slot of the food of your choosing.

FEBO is known for their fresh, in-house cooking and behind the compartments, you can peep people making the food in back. They are known for their croquettes, which were delicious. I enjoyed the beef and veal croquettes, while the satay croquette was okay.

My favorite of the eight different dishes that I tried, was the Kaassoufflé (the cheese souffle). It tasted almost like a mozzarella stick, but better. It was big and flat  and the creamy cheese doesn’t stretch out of its shell. It was incredible!

If you don’t have coins, there are machines inside that will give you change for your bills. They also sell the entire menu, including fries and shakes, in back with a person behind the counter.

Amsterdam is known for many things to many people, but for me, Amsterdam is known for FEBO.

{dc} field of tulips

March 28, 2018


One of the things I love about working right downtown is that there is always something fun going on in the area! During Chrismas-time, they have a giant tree and lights display, over the summer there’s free yoga in the park, and last week, there was a Tulip Festival in CityCenter that a few of my coworkers and I went to check out over our lunch break.

Put on by flower company Bloomia, 40,000 sustainably grown and harvested tulips were brought into downtown DC. The best part was that all proceeds went to DC Central Kitchen, a nonprofit community kitchen whose social ventures are designed to target the cycle of hunger and poverty! Take a look!

The “Field of Tulips” of all colors! Admission to the garden was absolutely free.

My haul for the day – I only bought 6 stems, but they were a steal at just $1/stem! Since they were sold with bulb attached, they are supposed to last for up to two weeks!

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