I’ve been to Alamo Square’s Saffron Grill before. In fact, the first time was exactly two years ago today. My sister was in town for a wedding last week and we decided to gobble up some Indian food while she was here. Saffron Grill is always a good option because it’s close to where I live and it’s rated highly by its patrons, including me. I particularly like the starter they give everyone. We started with a combo appetizer plate and then shared one of the specials of the day: Okra Curry. Yum! I just love Okra, though I do wish they had stewed theirs just a bit longer this time.


Appetizer plate

Garlic Naan

Special: Okra Curry

{sf} nopa bday celebrations

September 2, 2017

For my birthday, my friend invited me to a delicious meal at a place that I live quite close to, but haven’t had a chance to visit in the over two years that I’ve now lived in San Francisco: Nopa. This place always has tons of people waiting outside and in order for us to get a table at the time we wanted, we went in as they opened and put our name down. I was so excited to try the delicious cocktails and their interesting food combinations. Of course, this place was not to disappoint. For starters, we tried the wood baked gigante bean salad, the warm goat cheese, and the little friend fish. Then we shared one main: the black cod. For dessert, since it was my birthday, they brought out a complimentary scoop of the most delicious frozen dessert with a single candle. What a treat! And while this place truly is a San Francisco eating experience, I don’t actually think that the prices are that ridiculous compared to what you get use to living in the City. Well, I’ll be darned then!

A birthday-worthy photo adventure:

Powder is a relatively new cold dessert place that’s popped up on Divisadero close to where I live. They describe themselves as ice cream meets shaved ice. This is actually not a new phenomenon in Asia, in fact, “ice cream” or “snow” in Taiwan is like this and it’s been like this forever! In fact, snow is the perfect name for it because it really does have the texture of powdery snow and that was actually the name of a dessert place in Phoenix that I used to frequent to get my dessert fix when I lived there.

I was super excited to visit this place and happened to win three gift cards (totaling $33) so I knew I was going to have plenty of opportunities to try this place out! I like how they have some options that are pre-created for you in terms of combinations and then you can also create your own. The first time I visited, I tried their Big Easy combination that includes Vietnamese coffee “snow”. The second time, I tried a combination with Horchata “snow”. Yum, yum, yum! I can’t wait to go back again and continue using my gift cards. Haha!


Many options

Big Easy