I was recently in Toronto for a radiology conference. The week prior to the conference I actually met aguy who was from Toronto who gave me a list of places to try. One of them was a restaurant called Patois, which is a fusion of Chinese and Caribbean flavors. I was intrigued so made sure to try this place while I was there. Boy, was it interesting! The flavors were good, but a little heavy at times. We ordered a pineapple bun burger, which was essentially a burger served on one of those Asian pastry pineapple buns – it was quite tasty. Next, the fried cauliflower with sweet sriracha sauce which was much too spicy for my likely. Third, we ordered a jerk chicken chow mien which was flavorful but a bit salty. Overall, I enjoyed this unique combination of flavors and glad I tried this place…Not sure if I would go back for a
second round though.

Pineapple bun

Fried cauliflower – much spicier than it looks!

Jerk chicken chow mien


A couple months ago, a friend and I were in New York City and were craving Asian food. We decided to try this noodle place called Tasty hand-pulled Noodles Inc – not the most creative name, pretty much sums up what they are known for. They offer both dry and soup noodles. We shared one noodle dish – the dry duck pulled noodles. I love hand-pulled noodles because the texture of the noodles is different than your ordinary boxed noodles and much more chewy! The noodle texture and flavor was good! Unfortunately, they were too greasy for our liking. I know Chinese food can be greasy, but I had higher expectations for this please. I would definitely go again and perhaps try the soup noodles – maybe those would be less greasy.

Not a very original name

Way-too-greasy duck noodles

About 9 months ago, a decent ramen place finally opened up in New haven! Mecha noodle bar actually has a couple locations in CT, and I had gone to the one in Fairfield, CT last year. I was so excited to hear they were opening a restaurant in New haven! I have since gone a couple times as it is walking distance from where I live. The serve all kinds of Asian noodles from pho to Japanese ramen. They also offer small dishes such as buns, egg rolls, dumplings, etc. Everything I have tried there has been quite stellar and affordable. I plan to return several more times during my time in New haven.

A yummy bowl of ramen and Korean fried chicken bun!

{new haven} zinc

June 14, 2017

My mom and part of my family were here on the east coast last week, and since it was close to my mother’s 60th birthday, we decided to take her out to a nice restaurant in downtown New Haven. I have walked by this restaurant called Zinc countless times before – always looked a bit fancy for me. But since it was a special occasion, we decided to try it out! There are now many farm-to-table type restaurants now, but Zinc had a special twist on this – they also had a fusion-like concept. Everything we ordered was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and tasted great! Sometimes at nice restaurants, they are skimpy on their portions, however zinc offered perfectly sized portions of food. They change up the menu every so often, and I will definitely be back to try more of this delicious goodness!

Asian fusion – dan dan noodles

Indian fusion – paneer dish

Perfectly raw tuna

Perfectly cooked salmon

Black cod with mussels

They also gave us a free appetizers – flatbread with a sort of Asian vinegette dipping sauce.

A couple weeks back, the weather was really nice here in new haven! It was consistently 60-70s for an entire week. There has also been plenty of rain recently so it was the perfect combination for the flowers to bloom! I saw so many pretty flowers while walking around the Yale campus. The pictures do not do the flowers justice. It was so nice to have it feel like spring … at least temporarily … cause now its back to 40 degree weather =( oh east coast.

A spring flower photo adventure: