{sf} munch @ sfmoma

September 19, 2017

The best part about going to the free educators event at SF MOMA recently was the fact that we were also allowed access into the Edvard Munch special exhibit! I’ve seen banners and posters up all around the City for this special exhibit so I was pretty excited to see it. I just loved how they brought so many paintings in from Norway (even though they all seemed to be behind glass) and we were able to see so many paintings by one artist in multiple giant rooms. Who knew this dude was so depressing, seriously!

A Munch-ing photo adventure:


{sf} educators free @ sfmoma

September 18, 2017

A couple of weekends ago, I reaped the benefits of being an educator in San Francisco. SF Museum of Modern Art occasionally has special events that are free for educators. One of these is opening the museum up free to educators. I always love this annual event because museums are so expensive these days, but who wouldn’t want to go to MOMA if they had the opportunity. While not everything changes and they do have a few standing exhibits, quite a few pieces and exhibits are changed out regularly so even though walking around I did recognize quite a few pieces, I was glad that so much had changed from the beginning of last school year. The two best things that didn’t exactly come out of this visit, but are related is that my class will be going on a field trip to SF MOMA in January AND they are trying a new partnership with San Francisco Unified School District where educators can get a free educator pass to go to the museum at any time. Whoa! Let me tell you, I signed up for this real fast!

A free and artsy photo adventure:

{sf} something rotten here

September 11, 2017

Two nights ago, I went on an amazing adventure in Downtown San Francisco. I got some special tickets to see Something Rotten at the Orpheum! Something Rotten is a Boardway play that just finished playing in San Francisco, literally last night was the very last night.

I’ve seen a few Broadway shows in my life and many shows off Broadway (even high school versions of them) so seeing a musical about musicals was pretty amusing. The songs were great, the actors amazing, and the story line super funny. If you ever get a chance to see Something Rotten, you should definitely do it. Or, seeing a show at the Orpheum, that’s pretty awesome, too!


It’s here! I’m here!

So amazing!