Last Friday, my school’s art teacher was absent. She called for a sub who came in, but then that sub got put into a classroom because other teachers were absent too, and they didn’t have subs who showed. What a disaster, you think? This is like a daily thing at my school.

Anyway, instead of cancelling art, I decided to go for it on my own. My students really love watercolors and have gotten pretty good and the whole water/paint ratio so I gave them some watercolors exploration time. I didn’t give them any direction on what to paint and they actually came up with some neat stuff themselves including landscapes of rivers and trees, self portraits, and fun shapes. Take a look a some of our little brains at work!

A watercolors photo adventure:


{stanford} rodin @ the cantor

December 12, 2017

Located right next door to the Anderson Collection at Stanford is Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center. This dramatic building is curated more like a traditional museum. While the Cantor is quite large, I really hadn’t planned on staying in this museum that long because my entire plan was just to see the Rodin exhibit. I just love Rodin and remember going to the Rodin museum in Philadelphia as well as in Paris. This exhibit at the Cantor was just stuffed with Rodin creations as well as other pieces that contrasted it or were of a similar nature.

Oddly enough, even though I’ve been to so many Rodin exhibits and museums, this was the first time that I actually saw his most famous Thinker! That’s because the one in Paris was being fixed up and therefore covered when I was there! Being such a big Rodin fan, I was glad I finally got to see his most famous piece!

A Rodin photo adventure:

I had been hearing that the Anderson Collection at Stanford University is quite a nice place to visit to see some great art. Essentially the private collection of single family, it’s just incredible how much art these people had acquired, but even more incredible that we all get to see it for free! From what I understand, most of the collection stays in storage and they switch out what’s on display regularly. Of course, there are also some periodic special exhibits as well. This type of collection is always interesting to see because it’s not always based on a single artist or themed as strictly as at a museum. It’s also a place where art history students at Stanford get to have their write-ups about certain pieces be on display. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces there. My favorite was of the old man face in the water because it reminded me of another amazing piece on display at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

A Standford photo adventure:

[good reads] wicked

November 26, 2017


goodbooks-wickedMy favorite Broadway musical is Wicked. I’ve seen it twice and could see it again and again. The original book that the musical is based on has been on my list of books to read and I finally got my hands on a copy (since getting my kindle). I figured that I would at least like, if not love, the book since I loved the musical and usually books are that much better than whatever human production (movie, play, musical, etc) people try to put together. Surprisingly, I only liked Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I liked how the book gave Elphaba more depth than in the musical, but I didn’t love that it made her seem more pathetic. I like how Glinda is less whiny than in the musical, but I don’t love how she’s so much less important. I like how you get more background on Elphaba’s childhood, but I don’t love learning about her mother’s very strange habits. I also liked all the details we learn about Fiyero, but I didn’t love reading a book not written in third person omniscient.

{sf} the castro + garfunkel

November 20, 2017

Recently, Art Garfunkel was in San Francisco for a special event. When we had bought tickets on Goldstar, we thought that it was actually for a musical show where he was going to sing. The day before the event, we found out that it was actually a Commonwealth Club interview event with no music at all! It was quite the disappointment, but the event itself turned out to be pretty great and he did hum and sing a tiny bit. Apparently Mr. Art Garfunkel is a very particular man though and is not accepting of photography so nobody was allowed to take pictures, even still, a lovely event and I definitely learned more about Art Garfunkel than I thought I would ever know!


The Castro Theater

Oh to ask a question!

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