{sacramento} crocker art

June 12, 2017

The Crocker Art Museum was on my list of “must see” places in Sacramento. OK, let’s be honest, there weren’t that many places on my list of “must sees” in this city, but the Crocker Art Museum is actually quite famous especially since it’s the longest continuously-operating art museum in the West! Since it’s Sacramento’s big art museum and Sacramento is the capital of California, the Crocker Museum is also home to a large collection of California art. I had fairly low expectations coming into this museum because I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard that much about it before (even though it had made my list of “must see” places). I was genuinely surprised though because this museum was huge and included an older portion as well as a more modern half. Take a look!

A artsy crocker photo adventure:

While in Puerto Rico, I didn’t just visit the tiny island of Vieques. In fact, I spent a few days in the capital city San Juan as well. Unlike Vieques which is seemingly just one giant laid back beach town, San Juan is a bustling city. It’s also a cruise ship port city, which I didn’t know before I showed up here. In fact, for some reason I didn’t realize it was going to be quite so touristy and while some places were quite touristy, others have clearly kept their unique culture in tact. My first couple of hours in San Juan were spent walking around and around seeing just as many iconic San Juan things as I could without having to go to any of the big forts and attractions just yet. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the street art!

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A San Juan photo adventure:

May is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At my school, we have three huge celebrations throughout the school year: Latino, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Our last big one in May is Asian/Pacific Islander. Our theme this year was Out of the Margins, Into the Light, which I thought was very appropriate considering the current social climate in our country. My students did so much to prepare for this celebration/presentation in a short amount of time. We read four books and learning about character, setting, and sequencing of events. We watched various videos about cultural customs in a number of different countries. Then we put it all together in a video to show the school. I can’t show you the video here online, but you can see a small glimpse of what we did below!

Wall display of some of our work

Just the cutest class picture ever!

It’s been a busy month and recently I’ve gotten the chance to visit a number of neat theaters in San Francisco that I’ve never been to before. I’ve always wondered though, why are some places called THEATER while other places are THEATRE? Is there an actual difference and is one more correct than the other? Because with spellcheck, theatre comes up with a red dotted line below it!

San Francisco War Memorial | Herbst Theatre
My church had their Good Friday service at this theatre with all its amazing detail paintings along the wide walls

War Memorial Opera House
My church then had its Eater service next door at the San Francisco Opera House, which I can’t imagine I would have ever had the opportunity to see this view if not for this event.

Curran Theater
Last weekend I saw a super interesting show called The Encounter at the Curran Theater. The show was about an American National Geographic photographer’s encounter with the Mayoruna people of the Amazon River Basin presented as an interactive experience with headphones for each audience member.

The other day, my school’s art teacher wasn’t in so we had a substitute art teacher. The regular art teacher loves my class though so she actually invited a special guest from the District’s visual art department to teach my class art. This teacher is really something special. She bought all kinds of fruits and taught the students to watercolor them. I was entirely blown away by how detailed some of the fruits came out looking. I really thought they were going to just draw circles (for apples and oranges) and triangles (for strawberries)!

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3