According to everyone, the hippest neighborhood in Washington D.C. is Adams Morgan. There were literally people, as soon as I told them I was going to D.C., said, “You have to visit Adams Morgan!” Of course, hearing all of this, I decided to make this one of the top places to make sure I visit. I went there earlier in the day and then my sister met up with me later after she got off work. It was really impressed to walk around and see all the architecture. I always think it’s neat to see the different architectural styles in each city. There are, historical reasons, of course, but still it’s nice to see. I was also really impressed with all the art on the side of buildings here. What a hipster part of town though. Seriously!

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A capital photo adventure:


On Fourth of July, I didn’t have any specific plans to go anywhere because it was a weird day off literally in the middle of the school week! It’s too bad July 4th was on a Wednesday this year. I figured I probably wasn’t going to make it out to fireworks and definitely wasn’t going to go all the way out to Oakland to go to a party I was invited to, so I decided to spend the way at Mission Dolores Park. While amazing and beautiful in it’s own right, the main reason I decided to go there was to watch a free San Francisco Mime Troupe show!

To be honest, I had no idea what this was besides the fact that I figured there would be no speaking during the performance. Literally all my assumptions were shattered because not only was there plenty of speaking during the entire (rather entertaining) show, it was extremely political, which I wasn’t expecting at all! By this point, I should really get the hint that EVERYTHING in San Francisco is political, but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to be unfazed by this!

Not that kind of mime!

So many people – clearly miming is very popular!

I’ve lived in San Francisco just about 3 years and I finally (yesterday) made it over to the Mosaic Stairs on 16th Avenue in the Inner Sunset area! I’ve been wanting to see these stairs up close and even went to far as to go by them another time, but there were so many tourists in the area that it would have been impossible to get a good view. I think it’s so neat that the community came together to create these steps. The design is absolutely beautiful and I really wish something like this could be added to the school I teach at in Bernal Heights. I think it would create a sense of community and pride that’s beautiful to look at!

A mosaic photo adventure:

Yesterday I went to a special teacher’s preview of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s newest exhibit all about Rene Magritte. This exhibition is unique in that it showcases so many of Magritte’s pieces, but not just that. All of these were painted after Magritte officially cut ties with being a surrealist – hence the fifth season reference. I had seen a few of Magritte’s pieces before and was quite excited for this collection of paintings to be displayed altogether. I particularly liked some of the explanations that went with the paintings. They explained what perhaps Magritte was thinking, but since he was such an interesting character with an interesting mind, it’s more just food for thought than actual explanations. I also thought the interactive part of the exhibit at the end where you could put yourself into some of Magritte’s paintings was super fun!

A painter’s photo adventure: