Since it’s summer and summer school involves shorter hours and less planning, I’ve been spending some time being a tourist in the city that I live in, San Francisco! I’ve recently taken an interest in the Polk Gulch district, for two reasons. 1 – It has such a weird name. 2 – I didn’t even realize it was a SF neighborhood until recently. While in the area, I came across The Chairman. It was listed on Yelp as a Taiwanese eatery, which intrigued me. I didn’t really understand how this place could be a Taiwanese eatery, but walking in, I was actually surprised. They offer baos! Baos are like super thick white fluffy tacos! The type they serve here are often served on the street in Taiwan. It has an opening that’s filled with various toppings. The Chairman is known for its pork belly. I have to agree that their pork belly, homemade pickled toppings, and baos are delicious! Yum! I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other options!


Menu options

Pork Belly Steamed Bao


There was an interesting pop-up restaurant located inside a bar/pub in the Mission District that I had had my eye on for awhile. I was a little hesitant though because while some of the reviews talked about FOB Kitchen (a Filipino kitchen) being quite the delicious place to eat, other reviews made it clear that it was just not that special. I was disappointed to find that the latter reviews were accurate (at least for me). While I really wanted to love the Veggie Lumpia, Charred Eggplant Omelet, and Idaho Red Trout, I ended up barely liking them. In fact, most of it was fairly bland (except for the salads that came with the main courses). Of course, it’s possible that the meat dishes at FOB are better, but I didn’t end up ordering them so I am aware that my thoughts are probably a bit skewed. Nevertheless, I expected more from FOB Kitchen!


Veggie Lumpia

Charred Eggplant Omelet

Idaho Red Trout

{honolulu} city eats

August 17, 2017

Honolulu is really known for it’s food. And finally you get a chance to see just some of the delicious foods my mom and I got a chance to try while staying in Hawaii’s capital. We found that there were many, many cheap noodle places. We also encountered various locations that sold ready-made bento boxes including in food courts and the supermarket. With the strong Chinese influence in Hawaii and its large Chinatown, we also got some very delicious dumsum, too. It was so great to get a chance to eat our way through Honolulu … yummy!

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A Oahu-style photo adventure:

A couple months ago, a friend and I were in New York City and were craving Asian food. We decided to try this noodle place called Tasty hand-pulled Noodles Inc – not the most creative name, pretty much sums up what they are known for. They offer both dry and soup noodles. We shared one noodle dish – the dry duck pulled noodles. I love hand-pulled noodles because the texture of the noodles is different than your ordinary boxed noodles and much more chewy! The noodle texture and flavor was good! Unfortunately, they were too greasy for our liking. I know Chinese food can be greasy, but I had higher expectations for this please. I would definitely go again and perhaps try the soup noodles – maybe those would be less greasy.

Not a very original name

Way-too-greasy duck noodles

About 9 months ago, a decent ramen place finally opened up in New haven! Mecha noodle bar actually has a couple locations in CT, and I had gone to the one in Fairfield, CT last year. I was so excited to hear they were opening a restaurant in New haven! I have since gone a couple times as it is walking distance from where I live. The serve all kinds of Asian noodles from pho to Japanese ramen. They also offer small dishes such as buns, egg rolls, dumplings, etc. Everything I have tried there has been quite stellar and affordable. I plan to return several more times during my time in New haven.

A yummy bowl of ramen and Korean fried chicken bun!