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August 1, 2018

Having failed on three initiatives to secede from the United States, California is at it again. This time it wants to split itself into 3 states – Northern California, California, and Southern California. The largest cities will be San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, respectively.

The organizer had gathered, and the State Secretary had certified, 458,000 petition signatures. It will be on the November 2018 ballot in California. Vote for it! How many chances do you get to be at, and to witness the formation of a new state? This exercise would be more intriguing, except, the chance of this actually resulting in 3 separate states is about ZERO.

Some of the hurdles that must be cleared include

  • Gather enough petition signature, to get it on the ballot – it has cleared this
  • (Most likely) California legislature has to approve – chance is not good
  • S. Congress has to approve – chance is zero

The rest of the country couldn’t care less about what California wants to do, except, as three states, California will have 6 senators. Most of those senators will probably be from just one party. That political ramification is not going to be taken lightly, by the other party.

I have a sneaky suspicion that even the petition organizers probably did not believe in its eventual success. If successful, this would be historical! Seriously, Northern California and Southern California were the only names you can come up with, for this historical feat? Come up with some other names. Show some imagination.

How about these,

  • for Northern California – Andreas (as in the fault), Cascadia, Sonoma, Yosemite
  • for Southern California – Andreas, Sequoia, Mojave, Bajacalia (just to be imaginative)

Lake Miramar in San Diego, has a unique shape, with many fingers/arms extending out. Each of the arms has been named.

There are hiking and bicycle trails around the lake. For about 2/3 of the trail, you can go with either paved roads or unpaved paths.

There are numerous side paths along the trail that extend into the lake. It’s not clear whether they are just observation spots, fishing spots, or serving some unknown purposes. This one has a set of interesting gating stones.

The water is clearer than expected.

The lake also serves as a dam. Maybe, that’s why the western section is labeled as restricted in some picture. The dam is not obvious. Perhaps, this is a drainage tower.

For the bicyclers, it provides a Bike Repair Station. Needing to use the facility? No worries, there are porta-potties along the trails.

On Fourth of July, I didn’t have any specific plans to go anywhere because it was a weird day off literally in the middle of the school week! It’s too bad July 4th was on a Wednesday this year. I figured I probably wasn’t going to make it out to fireworks and definitely wasn’t going to go all the way out to Oakland to go to a party I was invited to, so I decided to spend the way at Mission Dolores Park. While amazing and beautiful in it’s own right, the main reason I decided to go there was to watch a free San Francisco Mime Troupe show!

To be honest, I had no idea what this was besides the fact that I figured there would be no speaking during the performance. Literally all my assumptions were shattered because not only was there plenty of speaking during the entire (rather entertaining) show, it was extremely political, which I wasn’t expecting at all! By this point, I should really get the hint that EVERYTHING in San Francisco is political, but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to be unfazed by this!

Not that kind of mime!

So many people – clearly miming is very popular!

At the top of the Mosaic Stairs at 16th Avenue in the Inner Sunset District is Grand View Park. I had never heard of this park before or bothered to notice it in Google Maps because it’s so small, but I’m glad that once I got to the stop of the Mosaic Stairs that there were even more stairs to climb to get me to the top of this hill-top park! Oh my … what grand views there are from the top of Grand View Park! Even though the air was smoggy and ashy from the wildfires up north, I could see the entire city from up here!

Stairs leading to the top of Grand View Park

The grand view

More of the grand view

Purple flowers dotted this park