[room 209m] botanicals

October 19, 2017

Yesterday, my class went on a fun field trip to the San Francisco Botanical Garden. I love this field trip because the students get a chance to be completely surrounded by nature. We’re at a school that has blacktops for recess and a fake grass field so it’s always a treat to see so much real greenery. Of course, they’re always obsessed with the water and completely unimpressed with the flora and fauna. It’s always the worst field trip because it’s essentially hours of walking straight and, let me tell you, these kids have the stamina of babies. They complained so much! Grrr …

A botanical photo adventure:


{california} cal exit

October 18, 2017

California is on its third ballot initiatives to secede from the United States of America.

  • 1st – Fizzled, when one of the petition drive’s leader decided to make Russia his home, rather than California. We are not making this up. This can only happen in CA, and you wonder why people don’t take this seriously.
  • 2nd – Governor to negotiate with federal government to give CA more autonomy – a “nation within a nation.”
  • 3rd – Constitutional Convention – to propose amendments to U.S. Constitution, including creating a way for state (particularly California) to secede.

Make no mistake, if the petition comes around to me, I will sign it. How many times do you get the opportunity to be involved in the birth of a new nation? This exercise would be a bit more intriguing, if the petition has any chance, greater than absolute zero, of succeeding.

U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that states don’t have the right to secede. A state can only secede through revolution or if other states let it.

  • Revolution usually comes only through armed conflict. I would hope even those ardent secessionists don’t want that, and where would the California’s army come from? Try ask nicely?  A Texas petition did asked the Obama administration, after Obama’s re-election, to allow it to secede. To which, the Obama administration replied – Ha Ha, nice try, NO.
  • Other states allow it – chance = 0
    • 2/3 of the Senate and House of Representatives have to agree. Then,
    • 3/4 of the state legislatures, meaning 38 states, would have to agree to the secession.

Constitutional Convention could provide a way. 2/3 of the Senate and House, or 2/3 of the State Legislatures would have to propose one. However, Constitutional Convention is a pandora’s box. Once opened, you can change anything in the Consitution, including eliminating the Bill of Rights, if enough states agree. Probably, a box you would prefer not to ever open.

[room 209m] library trip #2

September 21, 2017

Starting last year, I partnered with one of the kindergarten teachers and we plan a field trip to the public library. Since our school is right within walking distance to the Bernal Heights branch, that’s the one we visit. The children’s librarians down there are very nice and have it all set up so that they read some books to the students then give them a mini tour before they get a chance to find some books they want to read then check out. While one of our classes is inside the library, the other class is outside eating lunch and playing on the giant sand playground next to the library. What fun!

Listening to the library read a book

Reading books they are interested in checking out

Playing after eating lunch

{sf} munch @ sfmoma

September 19, 2017

The best part about going to the free educators event at SF MOMA recently was the fact that we were also allowed access into the Edvard Munch special exhibit! I’ve seen banners and posters up all around the City for this special exhibit so I was pretty excited to see it. I just loved how they brought so many paintings in from Norway (even though they all seemed to be behind glass) and we were able to see so many paintings by one artist in multiple giant rooms. Who knew this dude was so depressing, seriously!

A Munch-ing photo adventure: