For once, I actually took my students to a place where they liked the main attraction more than everything else! What I mean is, they usually just enjoy looking at water features. It’s literally their favorite feature of any field trip even if the water has nothing to do with the actual field trip. This time though, we went to the California Academy of Science where it’s all about the water and nature! They loved it! Since we’ve gone every year since I’ve started teaching in San Francisco and many of the students have been with me that many years, they already knew what to expect and what to look for. It was great!

A watery photo adventure:


{sf} symphony for grownups

February 13, 2018

After our lovely meal at Corridor Restaurant, we headed down the street to Davies’ Symphony Hall, home of the San Francisco Symphony. If you recall, I had recently gone to the SF Symphony on a field trip with my students. Because of that field trip, teachers were given the opportunity to request two free tickets. I chose February 9 in order to get to hear Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, which was quite impressive! Suffering through a field trip (even though I love them and hate them at the same time) was totally worth it to get these free tickets. It’s possible I enjoyed the second half during which the symphony played Stenhammar’s Symphony No. 2 even more!

Free tickets!

View from the upper tiers

All dressed up

View from the “tongue” of the Davies Symphony Hall building

Getting ready to begin

{sf} the corridor’s eats

February 12, 2018

Over the weekend, my friend and I headed down to Civic Center area for a Symphony show (more about that tomorrow). Since the show started at 8 pm, we needed to grab dinner beforehand. There aren’t too many options in that immediate area since it’s mainly government buildings, but we did find one location that we wanted to try out: Corridor. Despite being located on the bottom floor of a very fancy condo building, Corridor actually wasn’t pretentious at all, which was very surprising. Their prices were fair (for San Francisco). And they have an amazing Happy Hour where even their fanciest draft beers and wines by the glass are only $5 until 6 pm! Based on the reason, it made sense that there was quite the focus on root vegetables. Our waiter was super nice and even told us not to order too much because the chef is quite generous. Everything we ordered included impressive combinations of flavors that we hadn’t tried before and so even if it wasn’t blow-your-mind-away amazing (because that’s pretty difficult in SF), I would definitely love to come back here again!

So many choices!

Happy Hour draft beers for only $5

Cauliflower Soup

Pole Bean Salad

Vegetable Pot Pie

{sf} la fina’s peruvian

February 10, 2018

Peruvian food is pretty popular right now in San Francisco. There seem to be Peruvian restaurants popping up all the time. For me, that’s great since I certainly enjoyed Peruvian food while I was visiting Peru (a decade ago … I really need to plan another trip there!). While my friend from college was in town, we decided to grab some lunch at one of these Peruvian wonders. When we first got there, we were actually debating if we should walk in since there didn’t appear to be anyone inside. I’m glad we decided to though because the food turned out to be great and multiple groups walked in soon after us.

Despite all the many options on the menu, it was pretty funny that in the end we all ended up having essentially the same dish with a different protein: traditional lomo (beef), pescado (fish), and mariscos (seafood). Yum!


Bread and sauces

Sangria – cheers!

Pescado Saltado

Lomo Saltado

Mariscos Saltados

{sf} stacks of yummy

February 6, 2018

One of my old college friends was in town for a couple of weeks for some training. We met up for a day and started out by getting some breakfast. While it wasn’t our first choice in terms of where we had planned on eating, we ended up at Stacks in Hayes Valley. For some reason, I didn’t realize it at the time, but it probably would have made the most sense to order pancakes here since that’s probably what they’re known for! I ended up ordering the Garden Crepes while my friend ordered one of their skillets. Both were very delicious though not the most interesting breakfast meal I’ve had in San Francisco, that’s for sure. The standard is just too high here! Besides, neither of us ended up touching the bagels that came on our plates. What a waste!



Garden Crepe