May is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At my school, we have three huge celebrations throughout the school year: Latino, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Our last big one in May is Asian/Pacific Islander. Our theme this year was Out of the Margins, Into the Light, which I thought was very appropriate considering the current social climate in our country. My students did so much to prepare for this celebration/presentation in a short amount of time. We read four books and learning about character, setting, and sequencing of events. We watched various videos about cultural customs in a number of different countries. Then we put it all together in a video to show the school. I can’t show you the video here online, but you can see a small glimpse of what we did below!

Wall display of some of our work

Just the cutest class picture ever!


There was a family reunion feast.







And, there was a bonfire. Not your firepit-in-the-neighborhood-park kind of little bonfire, this was a college-homecoming kind of humongous bonfire.




This past Monday was Halloween. The bad thing about having Halloween on a Monday is that then the kids can’t get the idea of Halloween out of their heads all week! The good part is that you really do get a chance to celebrate (at least a little bit) during school. Always on Halloween I have a lot kids students absent. I never know if their parents think there’s no school or just don’t want them to participate in the celebrations that happen at school (for whatever religious reasons). In my class, we really don’t do that much. This year, we read some books that were pumpkin (but not necessarily Halloween) related, we carved a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, and we participated in the school kindergarten/first grade costume parade. It was all pretty fun. I would say pulling the seeds out of the pumpkin was the best part though because the students hated it and it was hilarious watching them squirm!

Minnie Mouse Ms. Chang

Spiderman pulling the seeds out of the pumpkin

Our jack-o-lantern!

[room 209m] week nine bday

October 20, 2016


One of my students turned seven this week. His mom is super generous and brought in pizza and juice for all the kids so he could have a special birthday lunch at school. She also told me that she was going to bring in balloons. In my normal brain, I imagined that meant she was going to bring in like 2 balloons for him. Instead, she brought in 10 balloons, 1 for each kid in the class! The question at the end of the day, though, was how each of these students was going to transport these ridiculously large helium-filled balloons home. Of course, I am an ingenious teacher and decided that the best idea was to double knot them all onto their backpacks. It was great! Plus, they look so cute in this ridiculous picture!

10 (minus 1 student absent) students and their backpack balloons in a line


Today is the last day of school!

On the second to last day of school, my class always has a big celebration with families. We hand out (Most Improved, Best Effort) awards, we have a graduation ceremony, we share cake and ice cream, we watch a Year in Review video, and most importantly, we share portfolios. For a week before the event, students work hard to create their portfolios. We make these super nice, they include work samples and many writing pieces that talk about each part of the school day. Then we decorate the cover, laminate the covers, and bind everything together. I love making these portfolios and I hope the parents treasure them forever!