[room 209m] library trip #2

September 21, 2017

Starting last year, I partnered with one of the kindergarten teachers and we plan a field trip to the public library. Since our school is right within walking distance to the Bernal Heights branch, that’s the one we visit. The children’s librarians down there are very nice and have it all set up so that they read some books to the students then give them a mini tour before they get a chance to find some books they want to read then check out. While one of our classes is inside the library, the other class is outside eating lunch and playing on the giant sand playground next to the library. What fun!

Listening to the library read a book

Reading books they are interested in checking out

Playing after eating lunch


{sf} something rotten here

September 11, 2017

Two nights ago, I went on an amazing adventure in Downtown San Francisco. I got some special tickets to see Something Rotten at the Orpheum! Something Rotten is a Boardway play that just finished playing in San Francisco, literally last night was the very last night.

I’ve seen a few Broadway shows in my life and many shows off Broadway (even high school versions of them) so seeing a musical about musicals was pretty amusing. The songs were great, the actors amazing, and the story line super funny. If you ever get a chance to see Something Rotten, you should definitely do it. Or, seeing a show at the Orpheum, that’s pretty awesome, too!


It’s here! I’m here!

So amazing!

After spending some time on Maui island, my mom and I took a short flight over to Oahu and spent the remainder of our Hawaii trip in the capital, Honolulu. While in Honolulu, we made sure to see all the touristy downtown sites like the old palace, the state capital building, and all the famous statues of former Hawaiian royalty. Then we made sure to take a quick soak at the most famous (and crowded) Waikiki Beach.

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