Verve is within 0.3 miles of where I live and ever since it opened up, it’s been on my list of places to go buy some fancy coffee one weekend morning … which is exactly what I did one Saturday morning. I found out that while Verve is not San Francisco local, it’s not too far away in Santa Cruz. Walking in, my first thought was that this was the absolute most hipster coffee shop I had ever stepped foot in. It was just crazy all the techies with their fancy new earbuds in “working” or working on their laptops. I hear the Santa Cruz location is even more hipster … if that’s even possible! Too hipster-y vibe aside, they had nice pastries options, and, of course, the coffee was delicious. Yum!


Hipster central

Cappuccino and Iced Coffee


{belize} san pedro eats

October 9, 2017

No matter where I go visit, one of my favorite things to do is try all the local cuisine. Of course, there were lots of exciting things to try and eat while I was on Ambergris Caye’s San Pedro for just a couple of days. We arrived late in the evening one night and hadn’t eaten a full meal for many, many hours so the only place we were able to grab one interesting grilled cheeses was at a pretty touristy spot next to our hostel. Despite clearly being tourist-oriented, the grilled cheeses were tasty. The rest of the time, we were able to try some more local eats like conch sausage pizza, fried chicken with rice & beans and beans & rice, fried shrimp, morning johnny cake sandwiches, and even delicious local Belize coffee! Yum!

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A San Pedro, Belize photo adventure:

Sometimes when I’m in a neighborhood headed to some evening event, I know that I’m going to get very tired so I try and find some delicous coffee in the area. While in the Potrero Hill neighborhood recently, I stopped by Farley’s for a cappuccino. Farley’s isn’t a chain and there’s only two locations, one in San Francisco and the other in Oakland. Started before the Loma Prieta Earthquake, this coffee shop has been around for a while and pride themselves in their community. What’s great is that they also roast their own coffee!

While in Sacramento, I happened upon an incredibly random coffee place called Rosested. The entrance was in a random alleyway and it was also in the back of a thrift store/second hand store, which is neat, but, again, very random. This coffee place is very close to Bacon + Butter so while I was waiting to be seated for breakfast here, the woman who runs this coffee place came by with free samples of their coffee. She also mentioned so look for the new rose mural. Well, it was enough of a draw that I decided to try the place out, and I’m glad I did. Walking in I noticed that a very local musician was playing live music in the corner and the woman who walked around with the coffee samples was clearly mentoring a younger woman on the art of being a barista. It was actually a really neat place to visit, besides, what a clever name they have!


Second hand thrift store decoration


{berlin} german life eats

December 4, 2016

I feel like in typical American fashion, I didn’t know a lot of about German food. I knew that Germany is big on beer, bratwursts, and sauerkraut. Maybe it was these low expectations that led to me being pleasently surprised in Berlin where I thought the school was just amazing! First of all, they were so generous with their portions, but not in a ridiculous way like in the United States sometimes. The food was always delicious and refreshing, too. I especially liked the breakfasts, which often consisted of bread, cheeses, eggs, and some fresh sliced cucumbers/tomatoes. Of course this came with ample amounts of delicious butter and even more delicious coffee. I think part of the reason I thought food in Berlin was so delicious though was the fact that there is a far amount of foreign influence. For example, the donners and the various curried foods, not authentically German, but common due to the large immigrant population now present in Berlin and all over the country. All in all, eating my way through Berlin was a delicious adventure for my tongue!

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